» Tristan Tran

Ph.D. Student at Chapman University

Q: What were some of your favorite things to do in the OC? (i.e. restaurants, parks, day-trips, night life, etc.)

Lots of great restaurants like Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen, Garlic and Chive, or Ohshima that are on the Michelin guide. Close proximity to Disneyland, Big Bear, and the beach. One of the only locations where you can surf and ski in the same day. Late night boba and BCD tofu. Some of the largest and most visited concert venues in the world. If they are touring, you can bet they’ll make a stop in LA. Large variety of hikes and terrain for nature lovers.

Q: What was your educational/career background before you joined the program?

I was a pre-medical studies mathematics major.

Q: What was your favorite aspect of the program?

The small class sizes and variety of perspective allowed me to pick up skills and explore subject matter. It let us have some freedom with our education and pursue precisely what interested us.

Q: What are you doing now and how did ESI help prepare you?

I am now a PhD candidate at Chapman University and Scientific Prototype Programmer Intern at SAP.

Q: Any words of advice for future students?

Study what you want to study and build what you want to build. Don’t wait for an assignment or an advisor to tell you what to do - just do the thing.