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2023 Doti-Spogli Free Enterprise Award

2019 Society for the Development of Austrian Economics Prize for the Best Book in Austrian Economics

University of Alaska Anchorage names economics lab after Nobel laureate Vernon Smith

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Professor Vernon L. Smith received the "Annual Award for the Contribution to the Proliferation of Liberal Thinking and the Ideas of Liberty, Private Property, Competition and the Rule of Law" from the Liberalni Institut in Prague, Czech Republic.


Vernon Smith AwardVernon L. Smith Experimental Economics Laboratory at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management


logoSmith Experimental Economics Research Center (SEERC) at Shanghai Jiaotong University



Friedrich-August-von-Hayek-Gesellschaft e.V. Award

Fredrich Award

The "Friedrich-August-von-Hayek-Gesellschaft e.V." is an association for the promotion of ideas along the lines of the work of Friedrich August von Hayek. The Gesellschaft cooperates closely with the "Friedrich August von Hayek-Stiftung für eine freie Gesellschaft," the Friedrich August von Hayek Foundation for a Free Society. The Friedrich-August-von-Hayek-Gesellschaft e.V. was founded by German-speaking academics, entrepreneurs and publicists in 1998 in Lahr (near Freiburg/Baden, Germany). Its focus is on the idea of a constitution of liberty. Its main purposes and instruments are the promotion of academic studies in the field of economics, law, and social science, as well as support for journalistic work, all inspired by the works of Friedrich August von Hayek. We especially aim at creating a network of young academics, writers and politicians, fostering an interdisciplinary debate. The organization of conferences, to which academics, entrepreneurs, politicians, publicists, and others are being invited. The "Hayek medal", awarded for exemplary contributions to the idea of a constitution of liberty. This concerns as much academic work as political or other initiatives along the lines of the ideas of the work of Friedrich August vo Hayek. The medal may also be awarded to personalities from the public sphere who have contributed in an outstanding way to making Hayek's liberal ideas come true.