» Bart J. Wilson

Bart Wilson PhotoDonald P. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Economics and Law Director, Smith Institute

Email: bjwilson@chapman.edu

Ph.D. (Economics), M.A. (Economics) University of Arizona
B.S. (Economics and Mathematics) University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Research Interests:

Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization, E-commerce

Recent Publications:

The Property Species: Mine, Yours, and the Human Mind, Oxford University Press, August 2020.

A Simple, Ecologically Rational Rule for Settling Found Property Disputes,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 178, October 2020.

Consistent Differences in a Virtual World Model of Ape Societies,” Scientific Reports, 10 (14075), August 2020, with Sarah Brosnan, Elizabeth Londsdorf, and Crickette Sanz.

Auctions in Near Continuous Time,” Experimental Economics, 23(1), March 2020, with Cary A. Deck.

Humanomics: Moral Sentiments and the Wealth of Nations for the Twenty-First Century, with Vernon L. Smith, Cambridge University Press, January 2019.

Experimental Tests of the Tolerated Theft and Risk-Reduction Theories of Resource Exchange,” Nature Human Behaviour, 2(6), June 2018, with Hillard S. Kaplan, Eric Schniter, and Vernon L. Smith.

The Welfare Effects of Civil Forfeiture, Review of Behavioral Economics, 4(2), September, 2017, with Michael Preciado. A video demonstration of the software is available here.

Smile, Dictator, You’re on Camera, Southern Economic Journal, 84(1), July, 2017, with Joy Buchanan, Matt McMahon, and Matthew Simpson. A video of the dictator decisions is available here.

Sentiments, Conduct, and Trust in the Laboratory, Social Philosophy and Policy, 34(1), July, 2017, with Vernon L. Smith.

Language and Cooperation in Hominin Scavenging, Evolution and Human Behavior, 38(3), May, 2017, with Samuel R. Harris. A video demonstration of the software is also available here.

How We Think about Economics, Southern Economic Journal, 83(3), January, 2017.

“An Experimental Economic History of Whalers’ Rules of Capture,” Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 28(4), October, 2012, with Taylor Jaworski, Karl Schurter, and Andrew Smyth. *2012 Oliver E. Williamson prize for best article for all papers accepted in 2011.

“Old World Monkeys are More Similar to Humans than New World Monkeys When Playing a Coordination Game,” Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 279(1733), 22 April 2012, doi:10.1098/rspb.2011.1781, with Sarah F. Brosnan and Michael J. Beran.

“The Territorial Foundations of Human Property,” Evolution & Human Behavior, 32(5), September, 2011, with Peter DeScioli. *Lead article.

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