» Vice President|Chief Human Resource Office

Brian Powell Letterhead

Dear Campus Community,

On February 4th, I updated the campus regarding organizational changes within HR that are designed to improve synergies and build foundations that will further our goal of growing Human Resources and supporting the Campus 5-Year Strategic Plan: Engineering The Future. At that time I recommitted to hosting 3 fora each year to engage directly with you.

Next week, I will host our first fora to discuss upcoming changes in Human Resources. Dates, times, and locations can be found here: Chapman Announcements.

Entitled Let’s Have a Conversation: Modernizing HR, the goals of this engagement are to introduce new teammates and to outline how and where new positions (as approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2018) will be deployed in response to your feedback and in support of the 5-Year Strategic Plan, the Chapman Experience, and the modernization of Human Resources. I will also provide the campus with the HR Roadmap for Phase 1: Building the Foundations, a one-page summary of major HR activity drivers and milestones that will begin our multiyear transformation in furtherance of creating a meaningful employee experience that is, as you know, at the heart of my HR philosophy.

As are all of my sessions, these next weeks will be both informational and interactive. So, I hope you will join me next week, as I look forward to our ongoing conversations!