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Language Inquiry Learning Outcome: 

  • Students will understand, speak, read and write the target language at the intermediate or above level as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) proficiency guidelines.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of culture(s) where the target language is spoken and will compare similarities and differences across languages and cultures (according to National Standards in Foreign Language Education –Known as ‘The Five Cs’).

Language Inquiry Courses

Language Inquiry Assessment Rubric

Language Inquiry Assessment Process

Assessment Date: The Language Inquiry area was assessed in fall 2017. The assessment of the student work samples collected resulted in the following action steps.

Action Steps Taken:

  1. A revised learning outcome statement and evaluation rubric were adopted.
  2. New outcome statement and rubric criteria will be widely distributed to faculty members teaching Language Inquiry courses each semester.
  3. Language Inquiry courses will be re-certified by the GE Committee in light of the new outcome statement and rubric.
  4. In the future, if needed, specific assignment prompts should accompany student work samples that are collected for the purpose of language study assessment.