» Stephen Rassenti

Stephen RassentiEmail: rassenti@chapman.edu

Ph.D. (Systems Engineering), M.S. (Industrial Engineering) University of Arizona
B.S.  (Mathematics) Loyola Montreal.

Research Interests:

Economic Systems Design, Experimental Economics, Organizational Design

Recent Publications:

Bejarano, H., Clifner, L., Johnston, C., Rassenti, S., and Smith, V. "Resource Adequacy: Should regulators worry?" Review of Network Economics, forthcoming.

Porter, D. and Rassenti, S. "Combinatorial Auctions." Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science. 2010.

Porter, D., Rassenti, S., Shobe, W., Smith, V., and Winn, A. "The Design, Testing and Implementation of Virginia’s NOx Allowance Auction." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 69, pp. 190-200, February, 2009.

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