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Chapman is supportive of flexible work arrangements when they can be implemented while still maintaining excellent service to our community. Thus:

  • Ensure that every request is considered – not all will be granted, but a consistent review process which is centered on the position, and secondarily on the employee’s eligibility and suitability, communicates fairness.
  • Be flexible –consider implementing requests on a pilot basis, build in a timeline for revisiting.
  • Communicate consistently about expectations for accountability, quality, and timeliness.
  • Maintain team meetings and one-to-one check-ins, altering the schedule if needed, to accommodate any alternative schedules that have been approved.
  • In evaluating a new schedule, focus on results, productivity and engagement.

Below are additional topics to support you, your employee, and the operation throughout the various stages of a Voluntary Flexible Work Arrangement (VFWA).

Step-by-Step Guidance

As a decision-maker in this process, it is very important that you review the employee's request details and clarify any questions prior to submitting your decision in the system.

Please approve or deny every workflow requests that you receive within five (5) business days using the Formstack system.

Not all levels of reporting are represented in this online workflow for all departments. For example, the employee's supervisor may not directly report to the (non-academic) Department Head, or the Department Head may not report directly to the corresponding Senior Staff. When this is the case, it is important that the employees’ supervisors and/or non-academic department heads consult with their supervisor prior to indicating their decision in the Formstack system.

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