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Educational Technology Services supports a variety of applications used by faculty in their teaching and research. During the academic year, we offer workshops, as well as providing one‐on‐one consultation and support. Workshop announcements are placed on the system‐wide login page in Blackboard. You can find documentation and tutorials for many of these digital tools on our Documentation Site. Here is an abbreviated list of the applications we support, as well as the person responsible for that application:

Blackboard Consulting ‐ Want to learn how you might use Blackboard more effectively in your classes? Educational Technology Services provides consulting services for Blackboard. For more info, contact Sarah Blake.

TurnItIn ‐ This plagiarism-detection and coursework-annotation software is a web‐based service accessed through a Blackboard course site. For more info, contact Sarah Blake.

Desktop Capture ‐ Want to flip your class, but are not sure how to provide students with the content you would normally present during class? One option is to record the content ahead of time and provide it to students online. Chapman supports desktop capture using Panopto, which makes it easy to create a screencast and video recording and limit access to students registered in the course.  For more info, contact Kim Welch.

Classroom Response ‐ Allows instructors to poll or quiz students in class and collect and display results in real‐time with PollEverywhere software. Classroom response is often used in conjunction with Powerpoint and can help instructors improve student engagement in the classroom and provide a means for real‐time assessment of student learning. For more info, contact Sarah Blake.

Tablets in Instruction ‐ For instructors who own their own tablet device or have a Chapman-issued iPad and want to learn how to use it to improve student learning, we can help you explore relevant apps and discover “teaching untethered.” For more info, contact Kim Welch.

Instructional Design Services – If you are revamping a course you have taught in the past or building a new one and want to explore your options for integrating new pedagogical models or technologies, we offer consultative services and support while the course is in session. For more info, contact Kim Welch.

Personal Faculty Websites – For sharing your teaching and research with your colleagues and the world. Build the site on EduBlogs with a Chapman URL. For more info, contact Sarah Blake.

ePortfolios for Critical Year Review and Promotion and Tenure ‐ The WordPress web‐publishing platform is used to host closed‐access electronic portfolios for Critical Year Review and Promotion and Tenure. For more info, contact Jana Remy.

Interested in investigating how you might use technology in your teaching or research, but don’t see the relevant tool or service listed here? – Give us a call to set up a consultation.