» SB 1162 at Chapman University

Starting January 1, 2023, the State of California’s SB-1162 takes effect. This state bill adds several provisions to the already existing Equal Pay law that are designed to promote pay equity through increased transparency of pay ranges. 

At Chapman University, we have worked methodically and consistently to create an equitable workplace for all our employees and welcome this opportunity to further our efforts.  

What Information Am I Entitled to Receive?

All current employees can request the pay range for the position in which they are currently employed, where the pay range is defined as the salary or hourly wage range that Chapman University reasonably expects to pay for that position. Additionally, pay scale, also known as pay range or wage range, consists of only the base pay and does not include bonuses, equity, benefits, or any other forms of compensation or reward.  
Pay ranges for Chapman University open positions will be included in all job postings beginning January 1, 2023. These ranges are what Chapman University reasonably expects to pay and may vary depending on the local market in which an employee is hired. 

How Can I Submit My Request?

All active Chapman employees can submit a pay range request for their current position by filling out the below form. Please allow 10 business days for a response. 

Pay Range Request Form

SB-1162 FAQs