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All academic units undertaking program review are expected to make use and provide analysis of institutional data on their programs, courses, students, faculty, and budget in addressing program review questions.  The Office of the Provost will provide data on the following subjects to all academic units conducting program review by the start of the Fall Semester in which the unit undertakes program review:

  • Enrollments/Course Offerings
  • Students- Enrollment, Graduation and Retention Data
  • Faculty
  • Budget

This data will complement the documents and information that academic units present in the program review process, including catalog description of curriculum/courses, course catalog description and outcomes, learning outcomes assessment plan/annual reports, and updated faculty vitae.  The unit must submit both the institutional data and required department/school documents and information in the Appendix of its Program Review Self-Study Report.

The use of institutional data is a key to the success of the program review process, supported by relevant university documents.  The use of institutional data will enable the unit to focus on central issues and questions and to examine its programs and practices using evidence of educational effectiveness and institutional resources.  Selected institutional data may highlight issues that the unit must address in the program review process, such as low frequency or enrollments of selected courses, or unusual trends in graduation and retention rates.

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