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Workshop on Quantum Energetics, March 2023

This focused workshop will be Quantum Energetics, an emerging subfield of Quantum Thermodynamics, focusing on topics such as measurement-driven engines, quantum batteries, thermal resources for quantum measurement, and the connections with quantum matter and many-body systems. 

Date: March 13-15th 

Location: Chapman University, Hashinger Science Center 404

Hotel: Ayres Hotel Orange, 200 N. The City Drive, Orange, CA 92868

Confirmed Speakers: 

Ronnie Kosloff

Nicolo Piccione

Lea Bresque

Spencer Rogers

Samyak Prasad

Bibek Bhandari

Maria Maffei

Matteo Acciai

Alexia Auffeves

Kater Murch


30 Years of Interaction-free Measurements Conference, April 2023

This year will be 30 years since interaction-free measurement was proposed! Chapman University plans to celebrate this event with a three-day conference held April 27th-29th, 2023. 

Date: April 27th-29th

Location: Chapman University, Sandhu Conference Room D 

Hotel: Ayres Hotel Orange, 200 N. The City Drive, Orange, CA 92868

Confirmed Speakers: 

Avshalom Elitzur

Lev Vaidman

Andrew Jordan 

Jeff Tollakson

Cai Waegell

Lucien Hardy

David Arvidsson Shukur

Yuval Gefen 

Ebrahim Karimi

Ben McMorran

Aephrahim Steinberg

John G. Cramer 

Mark Kasevich


**If you are interested in giving a talk for this conference, please notify Sarah Carranza at scarranza@chapman.edu by Friday, March 17th**


More detailed schedule will be coming 

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Public Talk - Dr. Alexia Auffeves, Monday March 13th

Public Talk by Dr. Alexia Auffeves, Director, CNRS MajuLab, Singapore

Date: Monday, March 13th 

Time: 5:30PM

Location: Argyros Forum 209C

Title: Quantum energetics: from measurement powered engines to the energetics of quantum technologies

Abstract: Quantum energetics is an emerging field exploring the relationships between energy, information and entropy at quantum scales – yielding exciting questions e.g. “At the quantum level, the laws of physics are reversible, so is there anything like quantum irreversibility?” “In quantum physics, measuring can put systems in motion – so can I fuel a quantum engine, just by looking at it?”. In this colloquium, I will present the bases of the field and how it relates to thermodynamics. I will finally present how quantum energetics may contribute to keep in check the energy cost of emerging quantum technologies.

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