Attallah College of Educational Studies

2021-2022 Dean's Report

Dr. Roxanne Greitz Miller

Message from the Dean

As the newest dean of the Attallah College of Educational Studies, it is my privilege to share the recent achievements and successes of our students, faculty, and staff members.

While appointed dean in late February 2022 after a national search, my time as Interim Dean and now 17-year history as a faculty member in Attallah College permit me to reflect on how the college, and by extension Chapman University, has changed in the short and long term. The 2021-22 academic year was our first since 2019 fully present on the Chapman University campus in Orange. This return to our normal campus operations made us feel like a ‘Chapman family,’ and resuming our in-person activities in the larger educational community allowed us all to engage in new ways to address the profound pre- and post-pandemic challenges that exist in our society.

As it has done for more than 160 years, Attallah College continues to serve our educational communities with the highest levels of competence and compassion. Our faculty members in 2021-22 resumed their in-person research and dissemination efforts, broadening their reach and scope. The activities of the Thompson Policy Institute have expanded to provide professional development for educator preparation programs around the state of California, promoting inclusive teacher education and school administrator training. Our college‘s first-ever national advisory board, as well as exciting new collaborative programs with school districts and community colleges in our areas, enable us to gain deep insight into how we as a college can move forward pedagogically and structurally to support our community members. We endeavor to create future practitioners who are ready to attend to children's and adults’ social-emotional needs as well as their academics, with a growth mindset that focuses additionally on equity and inclusion for all whom we serve.

No matter the time or place in which we have found ourselves, Attallah College’s current and future alumni from our undergraduate through doctoral programs, along with our faculty and staff, continue to fulfill Attallah College’s motto: “Changing Education. Changing the World." As dean, I invite you to learn more about how 2021-22 challenged us to think and act in new ways and refine our vision to transform teaching, learning, and social communities toward an inclusive, equitable, and just world. I look forward to all that Attallah College has yet to come in its bright future.


Roxanne Greitz Miller, Ed.D.
Dean, Attallah College of Educational Studies
Donna Ford Attallah Professor of Teacher Education
Chapman University

2021-2022 Data Snapshot

88 District & Charter School Partnerships

88 district & charter school partnerships

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25 Named Scholarships & Endowments

Scholarships and fellowships for undergraduates and graduates

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185 School Site Placements

185 graduate-level school site placements for student teaching, counseling, and school psychology

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77 Paid Graduate Fellowships & Assistantships

Paid graduate research fellowships & assistantships

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8 Degree Programs

B.A. in Integrated Educational Studies M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction M.A. in Teacher Education M.A. in Special Education M.A. in School Counseling M.A. in Leadership Development Ed.S. in School Psychology Ph.D. in Education

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480 Students Enrolled Undergraduate, Graduate, & PhD

42% Undergraduate Students 44% Graduate Students 14% PhD Students *Data does not include minors in the college

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52% of Attallah College Students Identify as People of Color

28% Hispanic/Latino 15% Asian-American 7% Multiracial 2% International 1% Other 44% White/Caucasian

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Attallah College
Faculty Research Highlights

Dr. Stephany Cuevas

Parental Sacrifices Behind Latinx Student Success

Dr. Stephany Cuevas, Assistant Professor, launched a research project seeking answers to a simple question: How do undocumented Latinx parents help their children get to college? She ramped up her research as a thesis project during her studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Cuevas’ findings were published in the book – “Apoyo Sacrificial, Sacrificial Support: How Undocumented Latinx Parents Get Their Children to College,” from Teachers College Press.

Math Solutions Grant

Math Interventions Grant

Dr. Jennifer Kong, Assistant Professor of Special Education, and Dr. Trisha Sugita, Assistant Professor of Special Education and Director of Teacher Education, are participating in a year-long study at Harbour View Elementary in Huntington Beach, CA. Their project will identify students at risk for math disabilities utilizing a multi-tiered support system, and will implement an intervention designed to increase the math performance in 150 emergent bilingual students in second, third and fourth grade. Their grant award is $15,100 and is part of Attallah College’s inaugural Solutions Grants competition.

Peace Leadership

Peace Leadership for DEI in Elementary Education

Dr. Whitney McIntyre Miller, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies, and Dr. Annmary Abdou, Assistant Professor of School Counseling and Psychology, have been awarded $9,888 for their Attallah College Solutions Grants Proposal. Their project seeks to investigate how a local Orange County school’s current DEI structures align with the concepts and theories of peace leadership. Objectives of this study include operationalizing peace leadership practices in elementary school environments.

Student Mental Health

Giving Teachers Essential Guidance on Supporting Student Mental Health

Dr. Michael Hass, Professor Emeritus, and Dr. Amy Ardell (Mount St. Mary's University Los Angeles) co-authored, “Supporting Student Mental Health: Essentials for Teachers,” a guide to the basics of identifying and supporting students with mental health challenges. A discussion during the height of the pandemic inspired the creation of the book, as many educators and future teachers needed advice and strategies to cope with mental health crises in the classroom.

Attallah College Faculty Research Profiles

We're thrilled to feature impressive faculty research coming out of Attallah College at Chapman University. Dr. Keith Howard is an Associate Professor of Education, the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Academic Affairs, and the Director of Ph.D. in Education Program in the Attallah College of Educational Studies. His research interests include technology use in education, ethical issues in K-12 education, and equity issues in mathematics.

Local & Global Impact

SAUSD Grow Your Own
Attallah - Santa Ana USD "Grow Your Own" Special Ed Teacher Program

Through the “Grow Your Own” initiative, Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) classified employees nowhave the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree and a teacher credential at Chapman University, with zero out-of-pocket cost. Through this pathway, these classified employees for whom a master’s degree might have previously been financially out of reach can aspire to be a classroom teacher in special education. Learn more.

Fletcher Elementary
Muth Reading Center Tutoring Program with Fletcher Elementary in Orange USD

Since 1978, Chapman University’s Kathleen Muth Reading Center has provided elementary and middle school students in Orange County with one-on-one reading and writing support. This program was hosted online for the past two-years due to the pandemic. We’re thrilled to share the course is returning to in-person instruction, and will be held at Fletcher Elementary School during the 2022 Fall semester.

Integral Peace Leadership
Peace Leadership Model Implemented by International Peacebuilders Program

The Integral Peace Leadership Model, developed by Dr. Whitney McIntyre Miller, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies, has been adopted by the Euphrates Institute, a US-based nonprofit founded by Janessa Gans Wilder, a former CIA officer turned peacebuilder and social entrepreneur. To date, a total of 78 peace leaders from 40 countries across the globe have participated in the Euphrates’ PPA program. Learn more. 

IES @ 10
Attallah College Celebrates the 10-Year Anniversary of IES During Homecoming

After a series of event cancellations due to the pandemic, it was wonderful to host a safe gathering to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Integrated Educational Studies (IES) program. The event titled, “IES @ 10” was held during the 2021 Homecoming.

Thompson Policy Institute

Thompson Policy Institute (TPI) Highlights

Chapman University’s Thompson Policy Institute (TPI) on Disability strives to impact policy by reducing barriers limiting access to learning, living and working, and the pursuit of a complete and quality life. To accomplish this goal, the TPI assesses research and acts on the critical issues facing people with disabilities, as well as their families, support communities and the agencies that work on their behalf. 

Students & Alumni

Here to Make an Impact

Alondra Diaz
Alondra Diaz

BA '06, MAE '09
California Teacher of the Year

Special Topics in Teaching
Special Topics in Teaching

Teacher Education
Greece Travel Course

Sam Buenrostro Sam Buenrostro, Ed.D.

BA '90
2021 Distinguished Alumni Award Honoree

First C-Tag Cohort Enrolled in Fall 2021

Community College
Partnership Pipeline

Rachel Wiegand
Rachel Wiegand

M.S., M.A., Ed.S., '22
2022 James L. Doti Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Leadership in International Contexts
Leadership in International Contexts

PhD & Graduate Education
Iceland Travel Course