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photo of Zachary Dutra

Zachary Dutra

2015 B.S. Business Administration, Humanomics minor
Current employment: Harvey & Company, Associate
"Humanomics forced me to think about the morality of economic decisions from multiple perspectives. Four years after graduation I still think about the questions raised in my Humanomics courses."
photo of Gus Gradinger

Gus Gradinger

2016 B.S. Business Administration (Real Estate Emphasis), Humanomics minor
Current Employment: Investment Manager, Prologis
"Humanomics has shaped my understanding of the complex day-to-day interactions between individuals, social structures, and markets in a way that can never be found in a modern economics textbook. The influence of the arts in my Humanomics courses, particularly literature, has been instrumental in my career as it has allowed me to creatively communicate business decisions and proposals through narratives and stories."
photo of Katerina Ioannides

Katerina Ioannides

2016 B.A. Political Science, BA Peace Studies
Current Employment: District Representative, California State Assembly
"Humanomics pushed me to think critically, question everything, and find connections between different academic disciplines. Out of all my classes at Chapman, the seminar-style structure paired with an ambitious reading curriculum best prepared me for the "real world." As a Political Science & Peace Studies major that now works in Democratic politics, I am grateful to have gone through a program in the business school that gave me a basic understanding of economics and taught me to view learning as a discovery process."
photo of Alison  Lee

Alison Lee

2020 B.S. Business Administration, Humanomics and English minors
"While I continue to question, right now I understand that morality and commerce are inseparable. I will carry this with me as I prepare to leave college and enter my career. I cannot express how much I value and respect the people I’ve met through this program and the framework that Humanomics has given me."
photo of Brad Sherwood

Brad Sherwood

2014 B.S. Business Administration (Finance Emphasis), BA Economics
Current Employment: Business Manager, Boeing Executive Flight Operations
"Humanomics set the stage for my entire academic career. From the Freshman Foundation Course, to Presidential Seminars, to 3 years of ESI Summer Scholars, I was constantly pushed to question my assumptions and challenge my definitions of 'good', 'right', and 'rich'. Because of Humanomics, I emerged from Chapman as a thinker, ready to take on the challenges of a real world that isn't always 'fair'."