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Erik Kimbrough

Kimbrough, Erik O., Mark Pickup, and Eline de Rooij (2017). "Norms and Costly Identity-Driven Choices."

Freeman, David, Erik O. Kimbrough, and J. Philipp Reiss (2017). "Opportunity Cost, Inattention and The Bidder's Curse."

Akbari, Mahsa, Duman Bahrami-Rad, and Erik O. Kimbrough (2016). "Kinship, Fractionalization and Corruption."

Avner Seror

Mehmood, Sultan and Seror, Avner (2019). "The Political Economy of Foreign Aid and Growth: Theory and Evidence."

Vernon Smith

Bart Wilson

Smith, Vernon L., Wilson, Bart J. (2017). "Equilibrium Play in Voluntary Ultimatum Games: Beneficence Cannot Be Extorted."

Smyth, Andrew, Wilson, Bart J. (2017). "No Mere Tautology: The Division of Labor is Limited by the Division of Labor."

Wilson , Bart J. (2017). “The Meaning of Property in Things.” 

Wilson, Bart J. (2016). "Becoming Just by Eliminating Injustice: The Emergence of Property in Virtual Economies."