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First-Year Focus Learning Outcome: Critically analyzes and communicates complex issues and ideas

First-Year Focus Courses

First-Year Focus Assessment Rubric

First-Year Focus Assessment Process

Assessment Date: The First-Year Focus (previously known as Freshman Foundations Course) was assessed in the Fall of 2021. The assessment of the student work samples collected resulted in the following action steps.

Actions Steps Taken:

  1. All FFC teachers will see this report, attached to an email that draws attention to the encouraging response to the survey and the somewhat disappointing results from the scored assessment.
  2. This summer (2022), the GE Director will ask FFC teachers to make sure their syllabi and assignments stress engagement with critical thinking, and this will be stressed again at the late-summer meetings with all FFC teachers.
  3. Other responses will be considered, including 1) workshops, 2) stipends to encourage faculty to reconsider and redesign syllabi and, especially, assignments to engage more self-consciously with critical thinking, and 3) mentoring options.