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Learning at Chapman

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The Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Faculty Affairs in the Office of the Provost, in collaboration with the faculty Assessment Committee, offers assistance and support for colleges, schools, departments and faculty members in the development and implementation of learning outcomes assessment plans. Resources for assessment include:

  • Consultation on designing learning outcomes assessment plans and using assessment methods for your programs and majors.
  • An assessment resource library of books, journals, and articles available from the Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Faculty Affairs in the Memorial Hall 212E.
  • Periodic workshops on learning outcomes assessment, including guidelines and models for developing assessment plans, evaluation rubrics, presenting assessment data, preparing annual learning outcomes assessment reports and designing curriculum maps. 
  • The Learning at Chapman website featuring institutional information and resources on assessment, including the Educational Effectiveness Evaluation Plan for every degree program.

The Learning at Chapman website is designed to:

  • Share the university’s philosophy of assessment
  • Help students understand the purposes of the curriculum and courses they take
  • Provide transparency to the general public and prospective students about learning at Chapman
  • Make assessment resources available to those participating in assessment activities
  • Show current trends in assessment
  • Describe the university’s assessment processes
  • Demonstrate improvement based on the use of evidence of student learning