Students sit at the fountain at Atallah Piazza at Chapman University.
Learning at Chapman

» How do we do it?

Each year, the faculty of each degree program at Chapman are responsible for completing an Annual Learning Outcomes Assessment Report (ALOAR) in which they describe the processes they have used for assessing their program’s learning outcomes, the performance levels they have measured in their students that year, and the progress they have observed in improving student learning over the previous year. 

These reports are submitted using the Annual Learning Outcomes Assessment Report Template.

The reports are due June 30, following the conclusion of the academic year.

The faculty Assessment Committee, composed of faculty members appointed from all over Chapman’s campus, evaluates each degree program’s Annual Learning Outcomes Assessment Report using the Assessment Committee's Rubric

These rubrics are then returned to the degree program’s faculty for consideration. Improvement measures are undertaken, and changes are made to curriculum and assessment methods based on the Assessment Committee’s feedback.