Remembering Dr. Esmael Adibi

» Remembering Dr. Esmael Adibi

Dr. Adibi was perhaps best known to the Southern California public as the genial and intellectual presenter of the Chapman University Economic Forecasts, which he delivered with fellow economist Dr. Jim Doti. The forecasts, which because of their accuracy grew to be widely trusted by California business people and media outlets throughout the nation, began as a class project at Chapman in 1977, when Adibi was still an MBA student. Adibi joined the Chapman economics faculty the following year – the first year the Economic Forecast was released publicly.

Adibi was especially proud of the involvement students have in researching data for the Forecast. “We’re really here to give students opportunities to use what they’ve learned in the classroom and see the results of their work,” he said recently. “It’s exciting for them to see their work published and attend the Forecast events, which draw some 2,000 attendees.”

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