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As a Chapman student, you have your own dedicated advisor. Your advisor is here help you make informed decisions about your education and achieve your goals in college.

Answer a few questions below to find your advisor. Double majors can work with the advisor for both of their majors.

Once you've found your advisor

After finding your advisor with the tool above, you will be able to read a bit about them, contact them via email if you have any questions, and schedule your first advising appointment.


About your first advising appointment

As undergraduate advisors, we're here to help you make informed decisions about your education and achieve your goals in college. And all of that starts with your first advising appointment.

Your first advising appointment isn't just an important first step towards academic success. It's also where you will:

  • Register for your first semester of classes.
  • Discuss your academic goals and interests with your advisor so that we can better support your success.
  • Address questions or concerns you might have as you begin your time at Chapman

To get started, go ahead and find your advisor using the tool above.

Once you've found your advisor, you'll be able to schedule your first advising appointment.


Before your first advising appointment...

... you might want to check out our Advising Overview page, which explains how advising works and what you'll want to do at your first appointment. You'll also find some next steps for the next time you want to meet with your advisor.

Advising Overview

Contact Advising

Current students: Contact your advisor

Potential students: admit@chapman.edu 

All other inquiries: coronel@chapman.edu

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