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Elias Khoury is a Lebanese novelist, playwright, and critic. His ten novels have been translated into several foreign languages, as have several of his literary criticism works. He has taught in Columbia University, New York, in the American University of Beirut, the Lebanese University, the Lebanese American University and New York University.

Published works include the novels 'an 'ilaqat al-da'irah, The Little Mountain, The Gates of the City, White Masks', The Journey of Little Gandhi, The Kingdom of Strangers, Majma' al-Asrar, Gate of the Sun, Ra'ihat al-Sabun, Yalo, and As Though She Were Sleeping; the short story collection Al-mubtada' wa'l-khabar; and the critical texts Dirasat fi naqd al-shi'r, Al-dhakira al-mafquda, Tajirbat al-ba'th 'an ufq, Zaman al-ihtilal.