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Literary Forum Course Information

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The John Fowles Literary Forum Core Course is a unique course that coincides with the John Fowles Literary Forum.  

Each spring the course focuses on the study of six contemporary writers and their work in conjunction with the lecture and reading series sponsored by the John Fowles Center for Creative Writing. Lectures and/or readings are conducted by novelists, poets, literary critics, screenwriters, creative non-fiction writers, lyricists, etc. The reading and analysis assignments are based on the visiting writers’ works.

The course is devoted to studying each work on a number of critical levels including stylistics and poetics and approaches any films based on these works in light of aesthetics and film adaptation. However, the primary focus is on the various novelists' responses to the challenges of narration and representation in a predominantly postmodern age.

The course is offered every spring semester for graduate students and may be repeated.

Literary Arts Award

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Each year the John Fowles Center for Creative Writing gives awards to distinguished work by graduating Chapman University M.F.A. students.

All M.F.A. students who will be graduating in May or who have graduated in the previous December are eligible for consideration. Students may submit one of the following:

A completed chapter(s) from a novel, no more than 25 pages
A short story no more than 25 pages in length
A collection of 15 or fewer poems

Submitted manuscripts should contain only the title of the work; student's names should not appear anywhere on the manuscript. The manuscripts must be preceded by a cover sheet containing the student's name, address, phone number, and email address; as well as the title of the work and the page length.

All manuscripts must be submitted to Professor Jim Blaylock no later than April 1st. Winners will be announced in May.

The Center reserves the right not to present the award to any students if there are no manuscripts deemed worthy of receiving said award.