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photo of Amir Raz, Ph.D.

Amir Raz, Ph.D.

Director and Professor
(714) 516-5900
photo of Uri Maoz, Ph.D.

Uri Maoz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(714) 516-5932
photo of Aaron Schurger, Ph.D.

Aaron Schurger, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(714) 997-6776


photo of Tian Lan

Tian Lan

Research Engineer
(714) 516-5936
photo of Robin Pendergraft

Robin Pendergraft

Grant Analyst
(714) 516-5937
photo of Amber Hopkins

Amber Hopkins

Research Assistant
photo of Gilana Pikover

Gilana Pikover

Lab Manager

Graduate Student Researchers

photo of Caitlyn Chavez

Caitlyn Chavez

Graduate Student
photo of Jake Gavenas

Jake Gavenas

Graduate Student
photo of Lucas Jeay-Bizot

Lucas Jeay-Bizot

Graduate Student
photo of Elnaz  Lashgari

Elnaz Lashgari

Graduate Student
photo of Andy (Dehua) Liang

Andy (Dehua) Liang

Graduate Student
photo of Alice Wong

Alice Wong

Graduate Student