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Peer-reviewed Articles

Mudrik, L, Levy, JD, Gavenas, J, Maoz, U. (2019). Studying volition with actions that matter: combining the fields of neuroeconomics and the neuroscience of volition, Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice

Maoz, U., Yaffe, G., Koch, C., & Mudrik, L. (2019). Neural precursors of deliberate and arbitrary decisions in the study of voluntary action. Elife, 8, e39787.

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Maoz U, Sita K, Van Boxtel J and Mudrik L. Does it matter whether you or your brain did it? An empirical investigation of the influence of the double subject fallacy on moral responsibility judgments. Frontiers Psychology. 2019

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Landry, M., Stendel, M., Landry, M., & Raz, A. (2018). Hypnosis in palliative care: from clinical insights to the science of self-regulation. Annals of palliative medicine, 7(1).

Titiz, A.S., Hill, M.R.H., Eliashiv, D., Tchemodanov, N., Maoz, U., Stern, J., Tran, M., Mankin, E., Behnke, E., Suthana, N.A., Fried, I. (2017). Theta-Burst Microstimulation in the Human Entorhinal Area Improves Memory. eLife.

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Basbug, M., Schapire, R., Schurger, A. (In Prep). Mapping the time course of neural activity predictive of impending movement using boosting applied to M/EEG data.

Guevarra, R., Schurger, A. (In Review). A pink model of decision making.

Schurger, A., Maoz, U. (In Prep). Setting the bar for conscious will.

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