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Student Scholar Ambassadors

» Student Scholar Ambassadors

Student Scholar Ambassadors are a select group of accomplished students who have participated in academic research, creative activity, and/or applied to or received a prestigious fellowship/scholarship. They serve as liaisons for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence at various events, highlighting all our office has to offer faculty and students.

CUE’s Student Scholar Ambassadors are available for one-on-one peer advising to help students get started and navigate their research and creative plan, find various scholarly opportunities, and answer any questions.

Meet the Student Scholar Ambassadors

2023-2024 Ambassadors

photo of Aeryn Ovanezian '25

Aeryn Ovanezian '25

Major: Health Sciences (Pre-OT) and Psychology
Research Focus: Marine Invertebrate Predator-Prey Dynamics
photo of Alexa Ortega '23

Alexa Ortega '23

Major: Health Science
Minor: Psychology and Sociology
Research Focus: Investigation of the role of head morphology on odor detection using computational modeling.
photo of Angelina-Rose Thalheimer '25

Angelina-Rose Thalheimer '25

Major: Psychology
Minor: Nutrition
Research Focus: Relation of fatty acid content in milk to developmental outcomes in early life.
photo of Bernadine Cortina '24

Bernadine Cortina '24

Major: English Literature, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies
Minor: Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, Women and Gender Studies
Research Focus: Postcolonialism, Filipina/x/o Migration, and Kwentuhan Rhetorics.
photo of Borey Kong '24

Borey Kong '24

Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Research Focus: Plant Molecular Biology.
photo of Brian Walker '24

Brian Walker '24

Major: Psychology
Minor: Neuroscience
Research Focus: Workaholism in a collegiate population.
photo of Evan Figueroa '26

Evan Figueroa '26

Major: Computer Engineering
Research Focus: Computer Engineering.
photo of Jonathan Vergonio '25

Jonathan Vergonio '25

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Analytics and Chemistry
Research Focus: Peptide synthesis to aid in cancer cell inhibition.
photo of Julian Vlad '24

Julian Vlad '24

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Mathematics
Research Focus: Screening a Mutant Library for increased growth rate in cyanobacteria.
photo of Kasey Markell '24

Kasey Markell '24

Major: Applied Human Physiology
Minor: Nutrition
Research Focus: Human Physiology/Physical Therapy.
photo of Katie Sanders '26

Katie Sanders '26

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Research Focus: CO Inhibition for Nitrogen Fixating Bacteria.
photo of Kevin Nguyen '24

Kevin Nguyen '24

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Nutrition
Research Focus: Plant molecular biology.
photo of Madeleine Chang '25

Madeleine Chang '25

Major: Applied Human Physiology
Research Focus: Animal Social Behavior and Disease Transmission.
photo of Mandy Fang '26

Mandy Fang '26

Major: Dance
Minor: Public Relations, Advertising, Entertainment Marketing
Research Focus: Dance and Consciousness.
photo of Raniyah Chishti '25

Raniyah Chishti '25

Major: Applied Human Physiology
Minor: University Honors Program and Psychology
Research Focus: Neuroscience and Human Physiology.
photo of Rhyan Warmerdam '24

Rhyan Warmerdam '24

Major: English, emphasis in Literature, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies
Minor: Psychology and Secondary Education
Research Focus: Most of my research focuses on queer representations and stories in literature.
photo of Riya Belani '24

Riya Belani '24

Major: Health Sciences
Research Focus: Epigenetics in Juvenile Mussels.
photo of Robert Arellano '26

Robert Arellano '26

Major: Political Science
Minor: Business Administration
Research Focus: Political Science and Economics.
photo of Sarah Quach '24

Sarah Quach '24

Major: Psychology
Minor: Neuroscience
Research Focus: Triangulating Neural Correlates of Consciousness.
photo of Sophia Rubino '24

Sophia Rubino '24

Major: Film Studies
Research Focus: Feminist phenomenology & psychoanalysis
photo of Stephanie Yu '26

Stephanie Yu '26

Major: Health Science
Research Focus: Demographic Questions and Its Impact on Self-Image / Subconscious Movements to Stimulus
photo of Tammy Nguyen '25

Tammy Nguyen '25

Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Honors Program
Research Focus: Neuromechanics, neuroscience, low back pain
photo of Vanessa Alarcon '24

Vanessa Alarcon '24

Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Psychology
Research Focus: Food science.

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