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Graduate Student Grant Awards

schmid gate at nightIn line with Chapman University's commitment to the scholarly and creative activities of its graduate students, the Attallah College of Educational Studies Scholarly Creative Activity Grants and Conference Travel Grants are available to all current Attallah College graduate students. Attallah College Graduate Student Scholarly Creative Activity Grants provide support for a variety of clearly defined scholarly or creative projects, whereas Attallah College Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants provide support for Attallah College graduate students’ travel to give accepted presentations at conferences.

Visit the graduate student grant page for more information and the list of grant deadlines and to download the grant applications. 

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

The Fall 2020 application deadline has passed.
Please check back for future application opportunities.

Donna Ford Attallah Scholarship
Open to Attallah College graduate students.

Donald N. Cardinal, Ph.D. Endowed Fellowship
Awarded to distinguished Ph.D. students in the Attallah College who are studying to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

The types of support provided by the fellowship may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Conference and international travel grants
  • Tuition
  • Dissertation and pre-dissertation research grants

Joan Turner Cox Fellowship
Annual financial award in the form of a credit toward tuition to a graduate student enrolled in the Attallah College who demonstrates potential for excellence in the field of education.

Dean's Fellowship Award
Award for Attallah College credential, MA, and Ed.S. graduate students. Awards will be given based on financial need, as determined based upon FAFSA scores, award history, and statement provided in the application. Note that a limited amount of funding is available for spring semester fellowships. 

Richard W. and Marjorie A. Derby Scholarship
Annual proceeds will be distributed to students in any of the graduate programs including, but not limited to, the Ph.D., MA, and credential programs within the Attallah College.

Robert P. Fahey Endowed Scholarship
For graduate students who are student teacher candidates with an emphasis in math or science. The student must have a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Fariborz Maseeh Endowed Graduate Award in Autism and Developmental Disorders
Earnings from endowment will be used for an annual cash award and trophy or plaque to be awarded to a graduate student who has made extraordinary contributions to individuals with autism or developmental disorders or their families.

Leo J. Schmidt Award
Open to graduate students who are making positive changes for people with disabilities and their families.

Hayley Taitz Endowed Fellowship
Commitment to serving students with disabilities and their families. Students in the school psychology program or a related program are eligible.

Team Up for Down Syndrome Endowed Scholarship
Undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in special education or disability studies.

Barbara and Ken Tye Fellowship
Open to graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional merit and potential as a teacher. Must demonstrate need for financial assistance.

Walter Valentine, in Honor of Anna Wilson, Ph.D., Endowed Research Fund
Supports Ph.D. students and their scholarly activities. Students must include the following in their application: project description, research activity, or travel plan that you wish to use this award for.

Activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Travel to professional conferences
  • Research expenses
  • Costs with research and writing for professional publications