» Policy Initiatives

TPI understands that lasting change requires a focus on policy, and that policy plays a critical role in ensuring equity and justice for people with disabilities. TPI engages in policy work to affect positive change at the state level. 

California Department of Education LogoState Working Groups

TPI leadership frequently serves on policy working groups with the California Department of Education to advocate inclusion for all students. 

Reimagining California's IEP Processes and Diploma Pathways for Students with Disabilities Working Group

Dr. Meghan Cosier, Director of TPI, is serving on the Reimagining California's IEP Processes and Diploma Pathways Working Group to create one coherent system that serves all children with and without disabilities. The focus of the working group will be to address the feasibility and recommendations for a statewide IEP process. In addition, the working group will examine and propose alternate pathways to a high school diploma for students with disabilities. 

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B State Performance Plan Working Group

Dr. Audri Sandoval Gomez, Co-Director of TPI, is serving on the IDEA Part B State Performance Plan Working Group. This group will evaluate the state's efforts to implement the requirements and purposes of IDEA Part B, as well as describe how the state will improve such implementation. This review process must take place every six years. 

CAIS LogoPolicy Summit on Disability

TPI, in collaboration with the California Alliance for Inclusive Schooling (CAIS), hosts the Policy Summit on Disability during CCTE's Spring Policy Action Network. The Spring 2021 Policy Summit on Disability was presented virtually on March 3. Dr. Roddy Theobald presented the keynote address, "Rethinking the Geography of Student-Teaching Placements in a Post-COVID-19 World." The keynote address can be viewed below.