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Altitude University

Altitude University specializes in providing online course curriculum for individuals and corporations interested in utilizing drone technology and applications.  From helping drone pilots acquire their Drone License to comprehensive training for commercial industries such as Agriculture, Construction & Development, Golf Course Management, and Inspection, we are developing a one-of-a-kind online platform.


ALTO is an award-winning production company & creative studio that focuses on producing visuals - from idea to execution. Rooted in film, we bridge artistry with the zeitgeist of tomorrow.


Aurafy is a music analytics and social platform that enables you to share your music library every time you listen. We also create detailed analytics of your listening habits to provide users personalized data and music suggestions.

Batch 22

Batch 22 is a new spirit that inhabits a category all its own. Infused with a proprietary blend of botanicals and a hint of citrus. Savory, fresh, and clean, Batch 22 is the perfect cocktail mixer, and it's also sublime straight from the bottle.

Brand Demand Media

Brand Demand Media is a MarTech solution that delivers branded content to the right mobile user exactly when it matters most through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our platform is built for both huge national brands and small local advertisers, regardless of budget.


C19 facilities responsible in person gatherings during a pandemic. Notifying guests of mandatory masks, social distancing guidelines, temperature checks, managing waiver forms, figuring out contact tracing, all while preserving privacy, is a huge and sudden burden to put on the host of any event. Wether it be a teacher meeting with students, a church facilitating a larger gathering, or a once in a lifetime wedding.


At Cascara, we’re building the world’s best database of independent coffee shops. Our mobile app helps users find exactly what they’re looking for with detailed filters by atmosphere, amenity, and menu item.

Chapman Ventures

Our club passionately educates, mentors, and supports aspiring and current student entrepreneurs. We host seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to guest speak and run workshops for our members. We strive to provide our members with the resources and guidance to execute on their ideas.

Confectious Pastry Shop

Confectious Pastry Shop is a locally owned and operated bakery in Orange County. CPS specializes in custom made-to-ONLINE order, cakes, cookies and pastries for all special events, local retailers and other small businesses.

We cater to a wide variety of markets such as individual consumers, retail café’s, caterers/event coordinators and restaurants.

Additionally, we serve the sweet needs of all individuals in search of custom desserts for their next event, office gathering and/or retail business.


C-Cups is a cup manufacturing company built on sustainability and responsibility. The C-Cup is a biodegradable cup that looks to decrease drink tampering and single-use plastic. The cup will change colors once a benzodiazepine seeps into the chitosan-based plastic. With an official rating of ~6 months to decompose outside, the cup can be effortlessly disposed of without consequence. The shellfish shell that the cups will be made from will be sourced from some of the many seafood restaurants in southern California.

Contracts Covered

Contracts Covered is a web-based application designed to help SMBs and Non-Profits launch and sustain best-in-class contract management practices. Our systems help you find and record important meta-data from contracts and set-up automated workflows to ensure you effectively manage key contractual terms and obligations. We store and proactively notify assigned users of contract milestones. Giving you enough time to negotiate, renew, or even cancel agreements, saving companies thousands.

Deep End Fitness

Deep End Fitness Training was developed while its founders were working as Marine Corps Water Survival Instructors looking for a more efficient and effective way to train Marines in water confidence. They incorporate techniques, procedures, and functional fitness training methodology from their experiences from special operations water survival/dive training, various fitness certifications, and most importantly real-life experience training thousands of people over the past 10 years.

Deep End Fitness offers several services and products. Services include regular pool training sessions, Elite training sessions, instructor training courses, brand and training licensing, and events. Products include online training programs, content, media, and merchandise. Deep End Fitness targets an extremely wide ranged demographic which ranges from young children and teens to rehabilitation clients and elite athletes.

Drip Drop

The Drip Drop is an edible ring that slides up onto an ice cream cone and catches the melting drips. The product checks three important boxes: it solves a problem, it tastes great, and it's environmentally friendly! By using a Drip Drop, you're doing more than just stopping the drips, you're also saving the environment. Our goal is to increase the enjoyment of eating ice cream by eliminating the mess and adding a cookie treat! We received a United States design patent and were the youngest kids to air on ABC's Shark Tank. In the past year I (Sam Nassif) have become the majority share holder and have taken over the company. After testing the Drip Drop in 3 local Denver ice cream stores this summer, I'm ready to take the company to the next step!

Empire Training Grounds

We are a private gym located in Buena Park that offers strength and conditioning classes, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing.  

épanoui actif

épanoui in French means blooming, joyful, and radiant. When Sarah Staley created épanoui actif, she was inspired by her passion for style, quality, and movement. With designs inspired by nature and the world around her, each piece of épanoui activewear is an original design which cannot be found anywhere else. Each garment is made with sustainable fabrics and is produced in the USA. épanoui prides itself on originality and quality at an affordable price. épanoui actif is not about the basics, we are about fun and unique active fashion that will inspire you to be your best.

First Stop Cosplay

First Stop Cosplay is a new kind of cosplay company that aspires to empower people to make their own cosplays instead of just selling them premade ones. We believe that anyone who wants to cosplay should be able to and that they should be able to make their cosplay with their own two hands.


FundedU is an ecommerce-based start-up that helps students raise money through shareable links and by certifying the money raised is spent on textbooks. Approximately 5.2 million U.S. undergraduate students spend a total of $1.5 billion dollars of financial aid on textbooks each semester ($3 billion per year).

Holiday Channel

The Holiday Channel is a multi-platform media destination, offering holiday-themed content including original programming, narrative, documentary and short films, web series, music videos and interactive entertainment.


IMAFEED is a company whose mission is to produce and promote sustainable animal protein at an affordable cost, by stimulating activities for small and mid-size farmers and entrepreneurs. The approach is a corporative framework, whereby raw material is sourced from the local market.

Paul-Daniels foods is a company whose mission is to promote sustainable production of foods and food ingredients in an effort to enhance the community-based business. This venture was inspired by the life of my grand-fathers, Paul and Daniel.


Kamsah curates, creates and connects cultural experiences by meticulously sourcing unique home accent items from around the world, handcrafting them at a large scale and selling them in the North American market through several partnerships with well established companies.

From its founding Kamsah has looked to the tried and tested traditions of local artisans across the globe as the source of original works to provide peace, authenticity and global responsibility in the home or wherever the journey takes you. Our brand is new, but our roots are deep. For 3000 years the 5 fingered hand has brought its wearers happiness, peace and prosperity. The Kamsah symbol has become iconic throughout the Mediterranean and the world. We've scoured the countryside to find pieces that fit our commitment to sustainable and worthwhile interior accents. Our rationale is simple: we believe that the touch of smiling artists outweighs the monotony of mass production. To be mindful of the past is to be aware of the present. To be aware of the present is to shape the future. To create superior designs the ancestors would be proud of is to protect a quality of life for the ages. That is the Kamsah way.

Java Road

Java Road is a coffee brand. We provide subscriptions of single-origin specialty coffee sourced from Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Java Road specializes in supplying local communities with coffee drinks and services at private events and farmer's markets. Java Road also provides the service of supplying wholesale coffee internationally.  The exportation of our green coffee beans set out from the west coast of Guatemala to be roasted to perfection by other boutique roasters and specialty coffee distributors globally.


Real-Estate SaaS for Owners, Operators, and Tenants.


LandMonk is a property management software that is designed specifically for landlords who manage their own residential and multi-family rental properties. The software handles the most common tasks for property owners such as collecting rent, running background checks, marketing vacancies, storing and compiling tax information and more. The LandMonk software has a clean mobile-friendly design that is intuitive for any type of user.

Marlin Biopharma

Marlin Biopharma is a pharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel drugs targeting ciliopathies, which include cardiac, renal and hepatic disorders. Our pipeline includes a cilia-targeted technology for the treatment of hypertension. 

Maudlin Plea

Maudlin Plea is a high-fashion one-of-one brand - a new fashion term meaning “one of a kind”. Each garment is made completely out of previously owned clothing and fabric, making for an entirely unique product. My current - and debut - collection is inspired by hardcore streetwear, dainty vintage silhouettes, and kitschy embellishments. Each Maudlin Plea garment is made to be a statement piece - one that embodies the boldness of the vision statement, defies the trend of fast fashion and brings utter confidence to its owner. You can follow them on Instagram at @maudlin.plea or email founder Renna Pilar.

McIntosh Designer Gems

McIntosh Designer Gems is an online gemstone jewelry store operated as a sole proprietorship. The shop places an emphasis on personalized, custom-made jewelry and presents an alternative to the corporate, mass-manufactured jewelry very common today.

Mercy & Comfort Homecare Health Agency

Mercy & Comfort Homecare Health Agency INC is a Newport Coast, CA non-medical home care agency that was built on integrity, wellness, kindness, and compassion based on our owner's journey with a loved one.
We care for your loved ones as if they were our very own!
Therefore, we are fully committed to being involved in the care of your loved one by providing the services needed to improve their activities of daily living, lessen the stress on family and support our surrounding community. We are committed to surpass today's Healthcare requirements and guidelines for the safety of all the people we care and serve.


Mintro is a shareable online introduction page. Your Mintro allows others to learn about you to feel more confident introducing themselves and starting conversations with you. Mintro offers group introductions and one-on-one messaging to start conversations with others, and will expand to provide an internal social communication platform within organizations - a place separate from existing work communication to socialize and build relationships. Mintro is perfect for introducing yourself and meeting people better when onboarding, within work teams, when applying for jobs, when meeting with clients, and anywhere else you benefit from creating better relationships.

My Catering Concierge

MCC is a sales organization that provides convenient food ordering and delivery services to corporate offices in Orange County. Additionally, we are contracted by local, chef-driven restaurants to increase catering sales to optimize three morning slow hours and improve their customer relationship management.


NuMed is bringing surgery into the 21st century. Our technologies lower recovery times, infection risk and procedure cost while improving survivability and eliminating previously inoperable regions.

Peace Horn

The Peace Horn is a wireless, easy to use alternative to obnoxious and belligerent horn honking in situations where you just don’t need to rattle anyone’s nerves.  It allows a driver to get the attention of pedestrians and other drivers with a friendly sounding alert. With a push-button transmitter suction cupped to the dashboard and a receiver/speaker attached to the license plate holder, it is simple to install. 

Plantaire Gardens

Plantaire Gardens brings home gardens back!  Our wall-planters make growing greens indoors or outdoors simple and convenient.  Our planters are to plants as Keurig is to coffee—an easy and convenient way to grow fresh, nutritious greens and herbs.  The open platform design enables our gardeners to use a variety of growing materials to make growing simple for anyone of any experience level. With products for beginning gardeners to expert growers, our company makes eating well and enjoying fresh live greens convenient and inexpensive.


Your personal online sneaker plug: A subscription service for the newest, most hype and coveted sneakers on the market.


Qick is a third-party app that allows users to directly interface with various dining establishments' menus to effortlessly order and pay for their food.  We aim to build a foundation for contactless ordering and payment that can help restaurants flourish in these changing times, while taking full advantage of the blossoming mobile-based cashless economy.

Robert Was Here

Robert Was Here provides cleaning and laundry services to students and residents in the Orange County area offered as monthly subscription plans, with different monthly rates depending on the type of cleaning and services desired. Instead of having to contact a cleaner or a laundry service each time they are needed, customers will have monthly access to their needed services on a schedule that works for them.


At Rugtomize we are aiming to revolutionize interior home design and the rug industry. Our services are aimed toward interior designers, established brands, companies or individuals. We are providing the ability for our consumers to customize the size, color, material and pattern of their rug. We will also be providing a unique customization experience for our customers who wish to personalize their home or business to an extent that has never been done before, granting our customers an easy way to be their own interior designer.

Safe Title

Safe Title is a blockchain technology company that protects luxury items like jewelry, watches and more. Safe Title uses blockchain to maintain the provenance, authenticity, and traceability of a luxury item, which enhances its value and gives its owner peace of mind.


Sandcastle is a ready-to-drink cocktail featuring smooth Canadian blended whiskey, refreshingly sweet lemonade, and subtle hints of vanilla. Crafted for those entertaining a healthy lifestyle, Sandcastle has zero sugar and minimal calories. Give Sandcastle a try and be introduced into a new realm of beverage possibilities.

Scout x Sea

Scout x Sea makes supplements to keep dogs on the trail and ready for adventure.
With a focus on CBD and all-natural ingredients, we look to the outdoors for our inspiration. We are capitalizing on the millennial driven growth in the pet supplements category and helping those who want to take a preventative approach to their dog’s health. After seeing first-hand how quickly veterinarian fees add up, we took it upon ourselves to change the industry and help dog owners just like us. This is pet care simplified.


Shoop aims to create eyewear retainers and accessories that truly fit the lives of active, fun-loving folks fully engaged in their communities. Whether you are learning, laughing, helping, shopping, dining, exploring, experiencing or simply enjoying the moment, we see you. We will bring style and easy, seamless functionality - keeping in mind that every saved pair of specs or shades helps save our planet, too. 

Script Haven

Script Haven is an online marketplace used to buy and sell scripts in a variety of formats including film, tv, short form, and theatre. Our mission is to empower college students and emerging screenwriters to break our earlier in their careers.

Smore Media

We are storytellers who specialize in documentary-style advertising through Instagram and Facebook. From production to management, we do s’more for your social media.


Splyt helps groups of friends splyt any bill, starting with dining. Splyt exists because we were tired of seeing the sour end that bill splitting brought, especially during the pandemic when dining brought the only sense of normalcy to our lives. 


SwoleBuddy is an app that connects individuals at the gym: you enter a time, gym location, what your workout focus is and what gender partner you want to workout with. Once all that is entered, the app sends out your information to other app users and you begin to search for a match just like tinder or bumble, the only difference is, you are looking for a gym partner that could become a new friend or maybe even something more. There is no pressure to talk because you have a common activity of working out together and once you finish the workout, you can decide to exchange numbers or not.

Tacos El Grullense

Tacos El Grullense E&E is a family owned restaurant that dates back to 1979 when it first started as food truck in South Los Angeles. After serving customers for eight years, we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and opened our first dine-in restaurant in 1995. We’ve stayed true to our menu offerings through the years and we’re excited to finally share our most popular item: our salsas. For the next generation at Tacos El Grullense E&E we’re gearing up to bottle and distribute a line of our famous salsas and bring the flavors of this local favorite to you though online and in person orders.

Unreel Stories

Unreel Stories is a boutique San Diego-based documentary production company. We create original films that inspire greatness and branded films that humanize the people and passion behind a business. 


Wing is an AI-powered assistant in the cloud. A real, trained, personal assistant at your disposal 24/7. Similar to Siri or Alexa, except we can get things done in the real world, without fail using a combination of AI & human intelligence.

Wyld & Alive

Wyld & Alive is a lifestyle film production company providing a unique form of cinematic storytelling through the use of seamless transitions, effects, and profound narratives, developing a distinct and likable perspective of our clients’ products and services. We emphasize the creative process in order to create a unique visual representation for our clients.


At Ymir we have developed an academic consulting model based off of the cohort system that is in place at many high level graduate schools. We work with students to provide them with mentors that have gone through the same classes that they will be embarking on at Chapman. Through this system we aim to better the success rates of students at Chapman, as well as guide them through a more complete advising process for their future.

The Leatherby Center is an incubator for startups. We offer a structured program guiding entrepreneurs from idea to business plan. Students, staff, and alumni may apply.

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