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Altitude University

Altitude University Logo

Altitude University specializes in providing online course curriculum for individuals and corporations interested in utilizing drone technology and applications.  From helping drone pilots acquire their Drone License to comprehensive training for commercial industries such as Agriculture, Construction & Development, Golf Course Management, and Inspection, we are developing a one-of-a-kind online platform.

ALTO Visuals

ALTO Logo ALTO Visuals is a full-service creative & commercial multimedia production company. Our mission is to enlighten & empower individuals & businesses with high-quality, digital content intended to be viewed on any platform backed by creative strategy.


Aurafy Logo

Aurafy is a music analytics and social platform that enables you to share your music library every time you listen. We also create detailed analytics of your listening habits to provide users personalized data and music suggestions.

Brand Demand Media

Pete the Panther Fill-in image Brand Demand Media is a MarTech solution that delivers branded content to the right mobile user exactly when it matters most through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our platform is built for both huge national brands and small local advertisers, regardless of budget.


Pete the Panther Fill-in image

At Cascara, we’re building the world’s best database of independent coffee shops. Our mobile app helps users find exactly what they’re looking for with detailed filters by atmosphere, amenity, and menu item.

Chapman Ventures

Chapman Ventures Logo

Our club passionately educates, mentors, and supports aspiring and current student entrepreneurs. We host seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to guest speak and run workshops for our members. We strive to provide our members with the resources and guidance to execute on their ideas.

Confectious Pastry Shop

confectious logo

Confectious Pastry Shop is a locally owned and operated bakery in Orange County. CPS specializes in custom made-to-ONLINE order, cakes, cookies and pastries for all special events, local retailers and other small businesses.

We cater to a wide variety of markets such as individual consumers, retail café’s, caterers/event coordinators and restaurants.

Additionally, we serve the sweet needs of all individuals in search of custom desserts for their next event, office gathering and/or retail business.


FundedU Logo

FundedU is an ecommerce-based start-up that helps students raise money through shareable links and by certifying the money raised is spent on textbooks. Approximately 5.2 million U.S. undergraduate students spend a total of $1.5 billion dollars of financial aid on textbooks each semester ($3 billion per year).

Holiday Channel

Holiday Channel Logo

The Holiday Channel is a multi-platform media destination, offering holiday-themed content including original programming, narrative, documentary and short films, web series, music videos and interactive entertainment.


KASA Logo Real-Estate SaaS for Owners, Operators, and Tenants.


LandMonk Logo

LandMonk is a property management software that is designed specifically for landlords who manage their own residential and multi-family rental properties. The software handles the most common tasks for property owners such as collecting rent, running background checks, marketing vacancies, storing and compiling tax information and more. The LandMonk software has a clean mobile-friendly design that is intuitive for any type of user.

McIntosh Designer Gems

McIntosh Designer Gems Logo McIntosh Designer Gems is an online gemstone jewelry store operated as a sole proprietorship. The shop places an emphasis on personalized, custom-made jewelry and presents an alternative to the corporate, mass-manufactured jewelry very common today.

My Catering Concierge

My Catering Concierge logo

MCC is a sales organization that provides convenient food ordering and delivery services to corporate offices in Orange County. Additionally, we are contracted by local, chef-driven restaurants to increase catering sales to optimize three morning slow hours and improve their customer relationship management.

Plantaire Gardens

Plantaire Logo

Plantaire Gardens brings home gardens back!  Our wall-planters make growing greens indoors or outdoors simple and convenient.  Our planters are to plants as Keurig is to coffee—an easy and convenient way to grow fresh, nutritious greens and herbs.  The open platform design enables our gardeners to use a variety of growing materials to make growing simple for anyone of any experience level. With products for beginning gardeners to expert growers, our company makes eating well and enjoying fresh live greens convenient and inexpensive.


Prodigal logo

Your personal online sneaker plug: A subscription service for the newest, most hype and coveted sneakers on the market.


Rugtomize logo

At Rugtomize we are aiming to revolutionize interior home design and the rug industry. Our services are aimed toward interior designers, established brands, companies or individuals. We are providing the ability for our consumers to customize the size, color, material and pattern of their rug. We will also be providing a unique customization experience for our customers who wish to personalize their home or business to an extent that has never been done before, granting our customers an easy way to be their own interior designer.

Script Haven

Script Haven logo

Script Haven LLC, is aiming to be a digital farmers league that will take the untapped potential in the screenwriting business and push them out into the industry. We are developing an online marketplace, through which writers can post and sell their material to industry professionals such as producers and directors, while gaining exposure for themselves and furthering their careers in the process.

Smore Media

smore media logo

We are storytellers who specialize in documentary-style advertising through Instagram and Facebook. From production to management, we do s’more for your social media.


Wing Logo

Wing is an AI-powered assistant in the cloud. A real, trained, personal assistant at your disposal 24/7. Similar to Siri or Alexa, except we can get things done in the real world, without fail using a combination of AI & human intelligence.

Wyld & Alive

Wyld and Alive Logo

Wyld & Alive is a lifestyle film production company providing a unique form of cinematic storytelling through the use of seamless transitions, effects, and profound narratives, developing a distinct and likable perspective of our clients’ products and services. We emphasize the creative process in order to create a unique visual representation for our clients.


Ymir logo At Ymir we have developed an academic consulting model based off of the cohort system that is in place at many high level graduate schools. We work with students to provide them with mentors that have gone through the same classes that they will be embarking on at Chapman. Through this system we aim to better the success rates of students at Chapman, as well as guide them through a more complete advising process for their future.