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photo of Natanael Alpay

Natanael Alpay

Mathematics, Physics, French
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mihaela Vajiac
Differential Forms as Tools in Differential Geometry and Analysis on Manifolds
photo of Dylan  Arrazati

Dylan Arrazati

Biochemistry and Spanish
Faculty Mentor: Dr. O. Maduka Ogba
Computational Investigation of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors for Machine Learning
photo of Emma Chen

Emma Chen

Pre-Pharmacy Freshman Early Assurance Program
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Uri Maoz
Validating Neurofeedback as a Treatment for Depression
photo of Ginger Chen

Ginger Chen

Faculty Mentor: Professor Mildred Lewis
Letters from an AI Poet to its Creator
photo of Kayley Cho

Kayley Cho

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rakesh Tiwari
Synthesis of Oleoyl-CGKRK-(HR)4 Peptide for Targeted siRNA Delivery
photo of Nicole  Daskas

Nicole Daskas

Studio Art
Faculty Mentor: Professor Micol Hebron
The Leaky Female Body
photo of Jordan  Farmer

Jordan Farmer

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hagop Atamian
Profiling of the Secondary Metabolites in Hyptis suaveolens using GC-MS
photo of Shun Kato

Shun Kato

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rakesh Tiwari
Tumor Targeted Delivery of siRNA via Fatty Acyl Conjugates of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
photo of Brian Katz

Brian Katz

Strategic and Corporate Communication
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Austin Lee
3D-Printed Robot Arm for Robotic Bartender
photo of Trevor Kling

Trevor Kling

Physics, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Justin Dressel
Analyzing Error in Fundamental Two-Qubit Quantum Gates
photo of Christine Lo Verde

Christine Lo Verde

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cedric Owens
Determining the cold-response activity of the protein CowN
photo of Bryn Merrill

Bryn Merrill

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Jerry LaRue
Hot Electron Chemistry on Bimetallic Plasmonic Nanoparticles
photo of Prince Mutabazi

Prince Mutabazi

Creative Writing, Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Professor Morgan Read-Davidson
The Man Who Knows His Name
photo of Amber Osorno

Amber Osorno

Health Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brooke Jenkins
The Mediating Role of Stress and Negative Affect between Parental Social Support and Biological Lung Function among Adolescents
photo of Joanna Pak

Joanna Pak

Health Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aaron Schurger
Free Will and Free Won't: Analyzing the Neurological Origins of Intention using TMS
photo of Leana  Sottile

Leana Sottile

Television & Production, History, War and Society
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jessica Sternfeld
The Good War?: Reinterpreting the Second World War in Contemporary Musical Theatre
photo of Melissa Sugimoto

Melissa Sugimoto

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mihaela Vajiac
Differential Forms as Tools in Differential Geometry and Analysis on Manifolds
photo of Corrine Tam

Corrine Tam

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Edson Cruz
Tiger Moms, Dragon Dads, and Baby Pandas: Cultural Expectations of Success Among Asian-American College Students
photo of Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams

Integrated Educational Studies, Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Quaylan Allen
Language Brokering & the Child-Parent Relationship: Insights on Schooling Processes

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