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photo of Daniel Chang '19

Daniel Chang '19

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Justin O'Neill
Title of Project- Stereospecific Synthesis of Vinylcyclopropanes
photo of Valeria Park '20

Valeria Park '20

Business Administration and Economics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Gjerstad
Title of Project-Reorganization of Systematically Important Financial Institutions
photo of Maya Collins '20

Maya Collins '20

Biological Sciences, Spanish
Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Wright
Title of Project- Do mycosporine-like amino acids, like other Molecules of Keystone Significance, deter predation of the sea hare Aplysia californica?
photo of Ryley Hall '19

Ryley Hall '19

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Keykavous Parang
Title of Project- Design and Evaluation of Fatty Acyl Conjugates for siRNA Delivery and Silencing in Breast Cancer Cells
photo of Felicia Viano '19

Felicia Viano '19

History, Peace Studies
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexander Bay
Title of Project- Icons, Images, and Paraphernalia: Analyzing Visual Tactics of the United Farm Workers and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers
photo of Natasha Hikita '20

Natasha Hikita '20

Psychology, Spanish
Faculty Mentor: Dr.Brooke Jenkins
Title of Project- Effects of Positive Emotions and Ethnicity on Pediatric Postoperative Distress
photo of James Francese '19

James Francese '19

Mathematics, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mihaela Vajiac
Title of Project- New Algebraic Methods for Clifford Analysis
photo of Jacquelin  Dang '20

Jacquelin Dang '20

Screenwriting and Peace Studies
Faculty Mentor: Eric Young
Title of Project- Real Talk: Asian Alienation
photo of Emily Cauble

Emily Cauble

Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marco Bisoffi
Title of Project- Gain-of-function p53 mutations in field cancerization of histologically normal prostate tissues
photo of Brandon  Bernardo '21

Brandon Bernardo '21

Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hagop Atamian
Title of Project- The Roles of Known Growth Promoting Hormones on Solar Tracking in Sunflowers
photo of Allie White '18

Allie White '18

Strategic Corporate Communication, Public Relations & Advertising
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sara LaBelle
Title of Project- Faculty Perceptions and Behaviors Related to College Students Mental Health
photo of Edena Khoshaba '21

Edena Khoshaba '21

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Reza Mehvar
photo of Ben Bond '18

Ben Bond '18

Religious Studies
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julye Bidmead
Title of Project- Voodoo Fire in New Orleans Jazz
photo of Lauren Friend '19

Lauren Friend '19

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Douglas Fudge
Title of Project- The Locomotion of Pacific Hagfish in Confined Spaces
photo of Sophia  Morrissette '20

Sophia Morrissette '20

Peace Studies and Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Eric Young
Title of Project- Asian-American Female Feminist Movements
photo of Nicholas  Piscitelli '18

Nicholas Piscitelli '18

Philosophy, Health Sciences Pre-PA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Robinson
Title of Project- Patient Autonomy and Medical Decision Making
photo of Adela Kim

Adela Kim

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marcia Abbott
Title of Project:

+ - 2017 Scholars

Sarah Alexander  — Major: Mathmatics — Title of Project: Commutative Partial Semigroups: Generalized Effect Algebras and Orthoalgebras

Humam Alkhaled — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Cell Penetrating Peptide

Francesca Artalejo — Major: Screen Acting — Title of Project: The Influence and Unexpected Relatability of a Woman’s Journey Through Film

Erika Gibson — Major: History and Philosophy — Title of Project: Frenchified

Danielle Grainger — Major: Communication Studies — Title of Project: Understanding drug resistance messages from young adults recovering from addiction

Aaron Grisez — Major: Physics and Computational Science and Music Composition — Title of Project: Gamifying the Quantum with Music

Carlos Hernandez — Major: Music Performance, Instrumental and Music Education, Instrumental— Title of Project: Translating Musical Languages and Intelligences

Chloe Horner — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: The Effect of Yoga on Body Image Among Women

Greyson Horst — Major: Film Production— Title of Project: Hillbilly

Morgan Kindel — Major: Psychology and Political Science — Title of Project: Effects of Episodic Memory on Appetite Regulation in Restrictive Eating

Haley Miller — Major: Environmental Science and Policy -Title of Project: Exploring Methane Flux from the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

Alexander Murcia — Major: Philosophy and English Literature— Title of Project: Pragmatic Encroachment and the Importance of Contextual Factors in an Analysis of Forbidden Base Rates

Kathryn Peck — Major: Art — Title of Project: Weaving the Polluted Tides

Nadiya Upegui — Major: Mathematics — Title of Project: Noncommutative Partial Semigroups: Pseudoeffect Algebras and Groupoids

Ariana Victor — Major: Film Production — Title of Project: Dream Seekers

Beck Wilson — Major: Peace Studies — Title of Project: Homelessness and Criminalization in Orange County."

+ - 2016 Scholars

Alexandra Sidun — Major: Environmental Science and Policy — Title of Project: Ocean Acidification and Predator-Prey Relations: Correlating Disruption of Predator Avoidance with Chemosensory Deficits 

Jessica Bocinski — Major: Art History and Anthropology — Title of Project: The Invisible Artist: Reframing William Holman Hunt's Work through 15 century Netherlandish Art 

Sho Schrock-Manabe — Major: Creative Producing — Title of Project: VR Horror 

Robert A. Roussel — Major: Political Science and Psychology — Title of Project: Speech and Cooperative Exchange 

Natalie Tom — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Mushrooms as Shelf-Life Extender of Meat 

Benji Whitmore — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Allosteric Modulation of SK Channels 

Emmett Griffith — Major: Integrated Educational Studies and English Literature — Title of Project: To Always Feel Like an Afterthought: Transgender Student Experiences in Higher Education 

Nicole Hornaday — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Using Bioinformatics Tools to Characterize the Effect of Cancer Mutations in ABL Kinase 

Lena Romano — Major: Theatre Studies and Sociology — Title of Project: The Influence of Social Class on Women in Theatre 

Rose MacKenzie — Major: Theatre Studies and Philosophy — Title of Project: Performing Queer Femininities 

Mary Howard — Major: Economics — Title of Project: Cognizing Property 

Seth Yund — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Fighting Celiac Disease with Gut Bacteria: Non-Cytotoxic Gliadin Digestion by Bifodobacterium longus

Anastasia Kalyta — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: Connecting the Physiological and Behavioral Response to Heat Stress on a Warming Planet 

Samira Amirazizi — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Are Bilingual Speakers on the Same Emotional Page as Monolinguals?

Shannon Corenth — Major: Theater Performance — Title of Project: The Forgotten Story of African American Women Playwrights 

Kathy Tavakoli — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Design and Evaluation of Peptides as Drug Delivery Tools 

+ - 2015 Scholars

James Langner —Major: Business and Sociology — Title of Project: The Division of Labor and Firm Formation

Emma Plotnik —Major: Music — Title of Project: Vocal Emphasis- From A Chat in the Parlor to Viral Music Videos: An Analysis of Music as a Social Occasion

Austin Thiel — Major: Computer Science — Title of Project: Virtual Reality Systems for Treating Autism

Tran Bao Le — Major: Health Science — Title of Project: Cortisol in Breast Milk and the Implications on Growth

Jessica Paek — Major: History — Title of Project: Between Language and People: Origins of Bantu Languages in Namibia

Andrew Shiroishi — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Tumor-Targeting Peptide Drug Delivery System

Aaron Goodman — Title of Project: Recovering Newtonian Limits from String Dilaton Fields

Young Jae Kim — Major: Biology — Title of Project: Designing and Evaluating of Dasatinib-Peptide Conjugates as Anti-Cancer Agents

Tyler Demshki — Major: Computer Science — Title of Project: A Comprehensive Study of Performance Bugs That Have Non-Intrusive Fixes

Alfredo Gonzalez —Major: History — Title of Project: Between Language and People: Origins of Bantu Language in Namibia

Brady Slater —Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: The Effects of Diet and Resistance Training on Female Rats during the Growth Period

Alexander Himstead Major: Biology — Title of Project: The Behavioral Ethology of an Phylogenetic Knock Out

Kory Cablay — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: Arsenic Reduction by Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (GAPDH) in Rat Liver Cells due to Arsenic Particulate Exposure

Kayla Velloso — Major: Communication Studies — Title of Project: The Hollywood Hillbilly

Fernando Amador II — Major: History — Title of Project: Between Language and People: Origins of Bantu Languages in Namibia

Lauren Henderson — Major: Strategic and Corporate Communication — Title of Project: Water & Energy Conservation

Abigail Kim —Major: History — Title of Project: The Comfort Women Controversy: Its Impact on Post-War Politics of Japan

Morgan Green —Major: English Literature and theatre Studies — Title of Project: Living Between the Lines: Intersectionality and Self-Actualization in Shakespeare’s Plays

+ - 2014 Scholars

Yasmin Akbari —Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Information Processing as a Risk Factor for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Leah Ficeli — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Mathematics Learning: Implicit or Explicit?

Isabelle Grimm — Major: Theatre Performance — Title of Project: Trojan Whores: Unsung Stories of Women in Theatres of War

Tracey Gunanto — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Lottia Gigantea as a New Model Species for the Non-Lethal Effects of Global Warming

Lena Haddad — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Assessment of the Effects of Caffeine, Gallic Acid, and Epigallocatechin-3-gallate on the PIM-3 Protein Levels in Two Lines of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Sovanndara Hok — Chemistry and Physics — Title of Project: Schrodinger Equation for Gravity

Kassandra Lee — Major: Biological Science — Title of Project: Young Women's Cognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, & Physiological Empathic Responsiveness as Mediated by Evocative Video Stimulus Content

Justine Li — Major: Athletic Training — Title of Project: Consortium for Outcomes Research and Education for Athletic Trainers (CORE-AT)

Michelle Min-chong Lin — Major: Film Production — Title of Project: Multiculturalism and Diversity at Chapman University

Karen Liu — Major: History — Title of Project: Oral History on Beijing Female Artists

Jennifer Seo — Major: Art — Title of Project: Exploration of the LA River

Dor Shoshan — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Field Cancerization – Thinking Outside of the Tumor, Association Analyses of Markers of Prostate Oncogenesis

Gabrielle Stetz — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Music — Title of Project: Protein-protein Interactions of HSP70 and HSP110 Chaperone Proteins

Caleb Sturges — Major: Political Science and Economics — Title of Project: A Two Party System, by Design: Testing the Mechanism of Plurality Rule

Erin Wainwright — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Bone Metabolism in Rats

Christopher Watkins — Major: Mathematics — Title of Project: Exploring New Ranking Methods

+ - 2013 Scholars

Jessica Mosolf — Major: Environmental Science & Policy — Title of Project: Humic Reduction in Peatland Soils – Redox Recycling

Amy Ortega — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Evolutionary Responses of California Grassland Species to Variation in Precipitation and Nitrogen Levels Following Prescribed Fire

Krista Rasmussen — Major: Integrated Education Studies — Title of Project: The impact of Haboob events on Precipitation patterns in Arizona: A Cross‐Correlation Analysis

Nathan Lawless — Major: Mathematics and Biochemistry — Title of Project: An Orderly Algorithm for Generation of Modular Lattices

Mindy Gibson — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Identifying Sociocultural Predictors of Body Image in White and Asian American Women: Understanding the Role of Culture

Gianvieve Schwirblat Major: Biology

Ashley Lovell — Major: Peace Studies and Economics — Title of Project: Microfinance After War

Marley McLaughlin — Major: History and Anthropology — Title of Project: The California Gold Rush: Historical and Anthropological Analysis into the “Rush” to Abandon Mining and Cerro Gordo - 1870-1875

Aaron Gerston — Major – Biochemistry and molecular Biology — Title of Project: Attenuation of Bone Degradation in Calorie‐Restricted Animals

Kyle Lee — Major: Physics and Mathematics — Title of Project: Experiments with (2+1)‐Dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations

Diana Gonzalez — Major: Sociology — Title of Project: The Rise of Latino community Organizing and Political Opposition

Jared Celniker — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: “Illusions of Oasis Making You Look Twice:” Repression and Narcissism in Hip-Hop

Marilyn Love — Major: Religious Studies — Title of Project: The Cult of the Canaanite Gods in Jezreel

Stephanie Nelson — Major: Theatre — Title of Project: Theatrical Trans*formations

Brad Sherwood — Major: Business Administration and Economics — Title of Project: Narrativizing the Extensive form Game

+ - 2012 Scholars

Adam Borecki — Major: Music Composition and Guitar Performance — Title of Project: Online learning of advanced music theory concepts, and its influence on music education

Cathleen Browning —Major: Peace Studies — Title of Project: Excuse me Officer?: Police Officer's Perceptions of Rape and the Current Criminal Justice System

Casey Coleman —Major: Physics/Computational Science — Title of Project: Nonlinearity and the Superposition Principle: The Interplay between Dynamical Systems & Algebra  

Christina Dietz —Major: Philosophy — Title of Project: The Role of Emotion in Perceptual Recognition               

Azriel Dror — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Osteogenic Effects of Resistance Training on Young Female Rats             

Malia Horch — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Human Impact on climate variability around the Antarctic Region       

Daniel Howard — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: Desensitization of Muscarinic Receptor-mediated Modulation of Adenylate Cyclase Activity in Transfected Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells       

Courtney James — Major: Biology — Title of Project: A model system for predicting the effects of global warming:  Acute and chronic effects of warm temperature on feeding behavior of Paragus samuelis

Krish Rangarajan — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: A Simulation Based Study on the Selection of Optimal Statistical Weights Incorporated in Regression Analysis of Tumor Methylation Data     

Eileen Regullano — Major: Piano Performance/Keyboard Collaborative Arts — Title of Project: Assimilation, Space, and Identity in Japanese Americans             

Julianne Russo — Major: Art — Title of Project: Relativity

Jennifer Schumacker — Major: Integrated Educational Studies — Title of Project: Transformative Interactions Between University and Community Spaces:  An Exploration of Engaged Scholarship, Service-Learning, and Civic Engagement        

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