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photo of Amy Whitmarsh

Amy Whitmarsh

Health Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aaron Schurger
Decoding Action Selection from Preceding Neural Activity
photo of Audrey Bichelmeir

Audrey Bichelmeir

Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Franceli Cibrian
A smartwatch to assess processing
photo of CJ Tadros

CJ Tadros

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tara Gruenewald
Nonverbal Communication in Collaborative Contexts
photo of Cristina  Molina

Cristina Molina

Communication Studies
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sara LaBelle
Assessing Latinx Young Adults With ADHD: Late Diagnosis and Its Affects
photo of Daniel  Dinh

Daniel Dinh

Software Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maryam Etezadbrojerdi
Tracking Student Attentiveness using FMCW Radar
photo of Delilah  Schuerman

Delilah Schuerman

Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patricia Lopes
Determining brain regions activated during parental care
photo of Helen  Lee

Helen Lee

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brooke Jenkins
The Implications of Affect Variability on Cortisol and Sleep
photo of Jonathan  Vergonio

Jonathan Vergonio

Pre-Pharmacy Freshman Early Assurance Program
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rakesh Tiwari
siRNA Delivery using Fatty Acylated Cell-Penetrating Peptides
no photo available for Kellie  Omori

Kellie Omori

Health Sciences, Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cedric Owens
Targeting flexible regions on chlorogenic acid esterases to engineer highly active enzymes and reduce greening in sunflower products
photo of Kevan  Parang

Kevan Parang

Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. LouAnne Boyd
Exploring Global Processing Via Virtual Reality and Video Games
photo of Kevin  Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Hagop Atamian
The effect of carbon monoxide on the mutualistic interaction between alfalfa and rhizobia
photo of Madeleine  Chang

Madeleine Chang

Applied Human Physiology; University Honors Program
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patricia Lopes
The Effect of Sociality on the Production of Major Urinary Protein in Wild Mice
photo of Micah  Gonchar

Micah Gonchar

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julia Boehm
Motivational Properties of Music in Exercise
photo of Philip  Goodrich

Philip Goodrich

Political Science and History (Secondary Education minor)
Faculty Mentor: Kris De Pedro
Student Body Presidents’ Perceptions of Campus Free Expression
photo of Samuel  Bernsen

Samuel Bernsen

Computer Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maryam Etezadbrojerdi
Measuring Attentiveness of Students Using Radar and Machine Learning
photo of Sarah  Connolly

Sarah Connolly

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Kim
Effect of Particle Size on Arsenic Concentration and Bioaccessibility
photo of Shree  Murthy

Shree Murthy

Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yuxin Wen
Patient Length of Stay Prediction Based on Clinical Data
no photo available for Stephanie  Yanes

Stephanie Yanes

Psychology and Political Science Double Major
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Frederick
Imposter Syndrome and its Link to Perfectionism and Psychological Distress, in an Era of Constant Social Comparison
photo of Vanessa  Alarcon

Vanessa Alarcon

Health Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rosalee Hellberg
The disinfection of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) on surfaces using the Contamination Sanitization Inspection and Disinfection (CSI-D) system

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