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Grants require institutional signoff of the proposal routing form before they are submitted. The purpose of the proposal routing form is to ensure that all proposals for external funding have been reviewed and approved for institutional and sponsor compliance prior to submission. The Office of Research also reviews the routing form and proposal documents to ensure that the proposed work is in line with Chapman University's intellectual and academic objectives. The Office of Research, under the auspices of the Office of the Provost, uses the information from the proposal routing form to generate detailed financial and proposal status reports that are essential for long term planning.

The routing form and proposal documents are also subject to review by auditors and sponsors. The proposal routing form must be completed and signed by all investigators and their college/school administration and returned to The Office of Research at least 5 days prior to submission. PI's that submit proposals directly to the sponsor are also required to complete and return the routing form to The Office of Research prior to submission. 

The PI should include supporting proposal documents so that the Chair and/or Dean are able to review the proposed project scope and line item budget when acquiring the necessary signatures. Supporting documents may include the proposal narrative, abstract, finalized budget and justification, and all sponsor forms that require institutional signatures. In addition, highlight the inclusion of any university resources or cost sharing (in-kind or cash), including written documentation of sponsor guidelines that request an indirect cost rate that is less than Chapman's negotiated rate. 

If the routing form is not received prior to submission, the Office of Research reserves the right to withdraw a proposal that was not properly reviewed.

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Proposal Routing Form

The PI is responsible for obtaining Chair and/or Dean signatures and must return the proposal routing form to the Office of Research 5 days before proposal submission. When obtaining the appropriate signatures on the proposal routing form, at minimum, the proposal abstract, budget and budget justification, and any supporting documentation should be included.