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Tabula Poetica: The Center for Poetry at Chapman University is proud to work with the students, faculty, and staff at Chapman to present original student works, to celebrate poetry and poetics through campus events, and to provide thoughtful reviews of selected poetry books.

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MFA Readings

MFA Creative Writing Candidates read selections from their original work as part of the Tabula Poetica Reading Series

2014 MFA Poetry Reading 
Featuring the MFA Creative Writing Candidates of 2014.

2013 MFA Poetry Reading 
Featuring the MFA Creative Writing Candidates of 2013.

Poetry Events

Various events led by Tabula Poetica: The Center for Poetry at Chapman University on the school campus.*

2010 Poetry Invasion 
Tabula Poetica is joined by Professor Jan Osborne’s English 206 class during Poetry Week as the piazza at Chapman University is “invaded” by students reading poems of struggle, resistance, freedom, and social justice. 

Holocaust Commemoration Reading 
Tabula Poetica joins with the Department of English, Leatherby Libraries, and the Roger’s Center of Holocaust Education as part of a series of events designed to commemorate the Holocaust.

Tabula Poetica International Poetry Reading 
Multi-lingual students from Chapman read, sing, and perform a vast array of famous poems from various poets around the globe.

Poetry Reading by Chapman Faculty
Chapman professors Dr. Logan Esdale, Dr. Anna Leahy (Director of Tabula Poetica), and Dr. Martin Nakell read selections from their published poetic works.

Freedom Without Walls Poetry Reading
Chapman students from the German and English Programs participate in “Freedom Without Walls,” the month-long 20th anniversary celebration of the fall of the Berlin wall.


*Please note that some of the Vimeo videos are up to an hour long, and may therefore take a while to load.

Chapman Reads Poetry

Chapman staff, faculty, and students read their favorite poems by authors past and present.

“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” 
Poem by TS Eliott, as read by Chapman President Jim Doti.

Selections from the Inferno 
Poem by Dante, as read by Chancellor Daniele Struppa.

“Counting the Beats” 
Poem by Robert Graves, as read by Wilkinson College Dean Patrick Quinn .

“Kongi’s Harvest” and “Dedication to Moremi, 1963” 
Poems by Wole Soyinka, as read by XXX Dean Charlene Baldwin.

Poem by Jalaluddin Rumi, as read by Professor Kevin O’Brien.

“Out of the Rolling Ocean, the Crowd” 
Poem by Walt Whitman, as read by Professor Paul Gulino. 

“Out, Out” 
Poem by Robert Frost, as read by Professor John Benitz.

Poem by Nancy Kuhl, as read by then Sigma Tau Delta President Andrew Mauzey.

“Sometimes In the Middle of the Story (for the Drowned Africans of the Middle Passage)” 
Poem by Edward Baugh, as read by Graduate Student and writer Natalie D’Auvergne. 

Book Reviews

In Fall 2010, Tabula Poetica Graduate Assistant Natalie d'Auvergne reviewed the books of four of the visiting authors for the annual reader's series. The review can be read HERE.

In Spring 2010, Tabula Poetica held a Poetry Book Review Competition at Chapman University. The judges were:

  • Claudia Horn, librarian
  • Stacy Russo, librarian
  • Joanna Levin, literature faculty
  • Rei Magosaki, literature faculty
  • Kevin O'Brien, literature faculty

Tab extends its appreciation and cheers for their efforts!

Thanks also go to the Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education, for generously providing copies of Elie Wiesel's Night and to the following Poetry publishers who provided books to the winner and the runners-up: Ahsahta Press, Salt Publishing, and the University of Akron Press.  

We congratulate all the students who submitted book reviews. You can read the the top submissions by clicking on the links below: 

Elaine Perpellit
  |   BEHIND MY EYES by Li-Young Lee
Hannah Brown
Debora Escalante
  |   NOCTURNAL FACTORY by Nancy Kuhl
Hilary Cunin   |   BANG DITTO by Amber Tamblyn
Nicole Fanelli   |   NATURAL CAUSES by Mark Cox
Emily Fritch   |   INSOMNIA DIARY by Bob Hicok
Judd Hess   |   ODALISQUE by Mark Salerno
Jacob Ramirez   |   GOD PARTICLES by Thomas Lux
Chelsea Simmons   |   WIND IN A BOX by Terrance Hayes
Kellie Spill   |   THIRST by Mary Oliver
Erin Whittinghill   |   ARDOR by Karen An-Hwei Le