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Founded by Presidential fellow Jack Horner in 2022, the Chapman University dinosaur lab empowers students to work directly on dinosaur specimens. Currently, student workers are preparing a gryposaurus specimen discovered in Northern Montana in 2021.

This specimen was discovered by Chapman alum Sarah Wallace'22 and excavated by paleontologists from Oklahoma State University and Chapman students from various disciplines. 

Two years ago, Chapman alum Sarah Wallace '22 discovered the gryposaurus specimen in Northern Montana. This dinosaur has had quite the journey from its discovery to its arrival at Chapman. Explore videos of this excavation by Chapman students through the "Journey to the Gryposaurus" tab on the left. 

Dino Lab Student Workers

The DinoLab employs students across disciplines to volunteer to work on unique fossils.
photo of Greta Kunze

Greta Kunze

Fossil Preparation Intern
Greta is currently a sophomore at Chapman University, majoring in biology with an emphasis in molecular biology. Along with working in the paleontology lab on campus, she also works as an archeological intern at Cooper Labs. Her passion for dinosaurs began as a child, trying to dig them up in her backyard. Little did she know that her dream of curating and excavating fossils would come true!


If you'd like to contribute to the Dinosaur Lab at Chapman University, click the link below. Your contribution will help students get hands-on experience with interdisciplinary paleontological research. 
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