» Financial Conflict of Interest

The federal government requires that the University establish and administer a financial disclosure policy for investigators and a program for training investigators in that policy.  This is designed to ensure appropriate management of actual or potential conflicts of interest.  The Chapman University Financial Disclosure Policy for Investigators requires that all personnel responsible for the design, conductor reporting of research under the terms of a federal grant or contract (each, an “Investigator”) submit the Financial Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form to the University’s Conflicts Officer (the “CO”), or designee, to disclose all “Significant Financial Interest” of the Investigator and/or the Investigator’s spouse, partner, parents, dependent children, and any other relative or close associate if residing in the same household as the Investigator.

Chapman University's policy fulfills the requirements of grantee institutions as put forth in the National Institutes of Health's guidelines and the National Science Foundation's conflict of interest policies.  Per the guidelines put forth by the National Institutes of Health, all faculty members submitting grants to any Public Health Service (PHS) Agency, or organization that follows PHS regulations, MUST also successfully complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Financial Conflict of Interest module prior to submission. See below for a list of PHS Agencies and organizations that follow PHS regulations.

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