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  • In 1993, a sadistic killer, Arthur Poe was captured and convicted. He was sentenced to death by the state of Virginia for several gruesome murders. Days before his execution, the governor granted Poe clemency based on the testimony of a psychologist from Poe's murder trial. A reporter takes on Poe in an interview seeking to shed light on the emotionally charged topic. What she learns can never be forgotten or forgiven.

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  • Before Joseph Albanese began attending college, he worked many different jobs that he believes provided him with numerous invaluable and unique life experiences. After doing this for several fun-filled years, he decided that it was time to pursue his dream of filmmaking. His journey started in Connecticut where he got his first recognition as a writer after a comedic vignette he wrote about life on campus was published. Joseph then continued his education at the University of Southern California where he earned a bachelor's degree in History and Political Science. It was after this that he began learning the art of filmmaking and storytelling at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. His first movie gained him recognition as a director when his three-minute short was screened at the LA Shorts Festival. Joseph graduated with an MFA degree and is currently submitting his thesis film, Clemency, to festivals around the world.
  • Long Island International Film Expo 2010
    Best Short / Best Director (Short)

    Big Bear Horror Film Festival 2010
    Outstanding Performance / Outstanding Special Effects Makeup

    Chicago Horror Film Festival 2010
    Best Short Film

    Eugene International Film Festival 2010
    Best Horror Short

    Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2010
    Best Thriller

    Naperville Independent Film Festival 2010
    Best Actor

    Tupelo Film Festival 2011
    1st Place Student Film

    Kent Film Festival 2010
    Best Short Film

    Landlocked Film Festival 2010
    1st Place Student Film

    Indie Gathering Film Festival 2010
    1st Place Short

    Park City Film Music Festival 2010
    Gold Medal Jury Award

    Honolulu Film Festival 2010
    Silver Lei Award

    Action on Film Festival 2010
    First Runner Up - Student Film / Best Villian Short

    International Student Film Festival Hollywood 2010
    Best Horror / Thriller

    New York International Independent Film Festival 2010
    Best Thriller Short

    Leo Freedman Award 2009
    • Director/Co-Writer: Joseph Albanese
    • Co-Writer: Chris Frazier
    • Producer: Doug Thagard
    • Cinematographer: Tyler W. Brazil
    • Editor: Dennis Alaniz
    • Production Designers: AJ Jackson, Joseph Albanese, Katie Shattuck, Katy Echols
    • Sound Designer: Rosemary H. Marez
    • First A.D.: Darryl Wharton-Rigby
    • Maury Morgan: Miss Norton
    • Cris D'Annunzio: Arthur Poe
    • Gerald Brodin: Craig Laughton
    • Brittany Rossie Shaw: Melody
    • Mark Irvington: Station Attendant
    • Anthony Ray Parker: Tyrone
    • Zarah Mahler: Sarah Norton
    • Judy Fisher: Nurse Janet
    • Dan Flood: Newspaper Reporter
    • Taylor Finchum: Little Sarah
    • Kirra Press: Little Melody
    • Jessie Graff: Stunt Double