» First Cut

Watch a selection of award-winning Chapman films, selected from our annual First Cut event.

The Real Deal

Director: Taylor Sella A burning car, a beaten woman. Mack and Eddie are on their way to Mexico with a load of fake I.D.s and plenty of attitude when they stumble upon a damsel in distress – but does she really need to be saved?

The Haymaker

Director: Daniel Dalimonte When Davis is caught breaking into the car belonging to the owner of a local boxing gym, he forms and unlikely friendship with the owner, George, who begins to train him as a boxer.


Director: Brian Faye Struggling to find happiness in the most desperate trailer town west of Texas, Jeremy must somehow find light in a world that isn’t used to giving any.

Hop To It

Director: Matt Pollard & Mike Cusic A mother kangaroo finds her first attempts to teach her joey to hop unsuccessful.


Director: Mark Powell Chris goes on an adventure with a crew of hard-partying townies, trying to recapture what he thinks he's missing. Hours into partying and being tailed by his concerned wife, Chris discovers that his key to happiness may be a formula he had already discovered.

Passing On

Director: Cameron Clark Colin's life has been floundering. Just when he thinks things couldn't get worse, he receives a package filled with the ashes of his recently deceased grandmother.

Turn Around

Director: Prarthana Mohan Christy Logan discovers that she has been hiding a dark secret. What starts off as curiosity soon has her spiraling out of control as she realizes that what she wants out of life is to be an exhibitionist.


Director: Joseph Albanese A reporter takes on a sadistic killer in an interview seeking to shed light on the emotionally charged topic. What she learns can never be forgotten or forgiven.

La Niña del Desierto

Director: Malachi Rempen Out in the desert, Javier Martinez lives alone, digging anonymous graves for his meager livelihood - numb to morality and apathetic towards everyone... until he's visited by an apparition.


Director: Giovanna Federico A fifteen-year-old aspiring writer named Bean strives to gain the attention of her unreceptive mother, who has a new boyfriend.


Director: David Jibladze Anna, a struggling Brazilian immigrant, becomes an interpreter between her abusive boyfriend and three Russian thugs who are demanding their stolen money.

The Show Must Go On

Director: Sean O'Brien In a society where the audience is never satisfied, how low will an entertainer go for that singularly great sound of applause?

The Last Page

Director: Kevin Acevedo Struggling to overcome his writer's block and complete the final page of his novel, Jason Adams goes on a walk to get inspired and is thrown into a bizarre series of events.


Director: Derek Woods When living a life behind plastic and glass you hardly feel human anymore. Our new Suppressant will bring love, contact, even sexuality back into your life, for a small price.


Director: Tyrone Huff A Mexican-American woman brings her African-American boyfriend home to meet the parents.

The Line

Director: Kent Bassett A migrant father and son run out of water while crossing the desert border and must seek help from a ranch house.


Director: Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer A rookie cop works the night shift at a police station with a cannibal prisoner on the loose.