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Watch a selection of award-winning Chapman films, selected from our annual First Cut event.
Car driving in a deserted area with another car seen at a distance

The Real Deal

Director: Taylor Sella A burning car, a beaten woman. Mack and Eddie are on their way to Mexico with a load of fake I.D.s and plenty of attitude when they stumble upon a damsel in distress – but does she really need to be saved?
Two people in a boxing ring with another person observing

The Haymaker

Director: Daniel Dalimonte When Davis is caught breaking into the car belonging to the owner of a local boxing gym, he forms and unlikely friendship with the owner, George, who begins to train him as a boxer.
boy walking alone on an empty road with utility poles in the distance


Director: Brian Faye Struggling to find happiness in the most desperate trailer town west of Texas, Jeremy must somehow find light in a world that isn’t used to giving any.
phrase "Hop To It" with turquoise and white blackground

Hop To It

Director: Matt Pollard & Mike Cusic A mother kangaroo finds her first attempts to teach her joey to hop unsuccessful.
Man and woman talking to someone


Director: Mark Powell Chris goes on an adventure with a crew of hard-partying townies, trying to recapture what he thinks he's missing. Hours into partying and being tailed by his concerned wife, Chris discovers that his key to happiness may be a formula he had already discovered.
phrase "Passing On" with close-up of doormat and door as background

Passing On

Director: Cameron Clark Colin's life has been floundering. Just when he thinks things couldn't get worse, he receives a package filled with the ashes of his recently deceased grandmother.
Close-up of woman looking at something in the distance

Turn Around

Director: Prarthana Mohan Christy Logan discovers that she has been hiding a dark secret. What starts off as curiosity soon has her spiraling out of control as she realizes that what she wants out of life is to be an exhibitionist.
Word "Clemency" with dark clouds and tree branches as background


Director: Joseph Albanese A reporter takes on a sadistic killer in an interview seeking to shed light on the emotionally charged topic. What she learns can never be forgotten or forgiven.
Young girl standing next to car in the desert

La Niña del Desierto

Director: Malachi Rempen Out in the desert, Javier Martinez lives alone, digging anonymous graves for his meager livelihood - numb to morality and apathetic towards everyone... until he's visited by an apparition.
Dark tunnel with person sitting at the opening and foliage in the distance


Director: Giovanna Federico A fifteen-year-old aspiring writer named Bean strives to gain the attention of her unreceptive mother, who has a new boyfriend.
Woman holding a child


Director: David Jibladze Anna, a struggling Brazilian immigrant, becomes an interpreter between her abusive boyfriend and three Russian thugs who are demanding their stolen money.
Person on a stage with spotlight on their face

The Show Must Go On

Director: Sean O'Brien In a society where the audience is never satisfied, how low will an entertainer go for that singularly great sound of applause?
Man looking at someone or something

The Last Page

Director: Kevin Acevedo Struggling to overcome his writer's block and complete the final page of his novel, Jason Adams goes on a walk to get inspired and is thrown into a bizarre series of events.
Man in the suit sitting on a swing


Director: Derek Woods When living a life behind plastic and glass you hardly feel human anymore. Our new Suppressant will bring love, contact, even sexuality back into your life, for a small price.
Two men talking to each other


Director: Tyrone Huff A Mexican-American woman brings her African-American boyfriend home to meet the parents.
Man looking into the distance with mountains and in the background

The Line

Director: Kent Bassett A migrant father and son run out of water while crossing the desert border and must seek help from a ranch house.
Policeman pointing a gun at something/someone


Director: Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer A rookie cop works the night shift at a police station with a cannibal prisoner on the loose.