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  • Out in the desert, where the United States blurs with Mexico, Javier Martinez lives alone out of his pickup truck. He digs anonymous graves for his meager livelihood - numb to morality and apathetic towards everyone. His boss is a bigoted wannabe gangster, and he habitually ignores the pleas for a human connection with the local gas station attendant. But one day, on a routine grave dig, Javier is visited by an apparition that not only transforms his indifferent outlook, but sets him on the path to redemption.


    Malachi Rempen was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He started making stop-motion animations at age ten, and in high school he directed five award-winning short films. The Silver Lincoln, directed by Malachi in 2008, has gone on to screen at festivals in Michigan, New Mexico, and Washington. Malachi also directed Corner Store in the summer of 2008 as part of a Chapman University travel course in collaboration with students from the Seoul Institute of the Arts in South Korea. La Niña del Desierto won Best Picture (Undergraduate), Best Director (Undergraduate), and Best Cinematography (Undergraduate) at Chapman University's 2009 Cecil Awards.

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  • ASC Student Cinematography Awards 2010
    Honorable Mention

    Reno Film Festival 2010
    Best Short (Winner)

    Fallbrook Film Festival 2010
    Best Narrative Short (Winner)

    Foursite Film Festival 2010
    Best Short (Winner)

    Albuqerque Film Festival 2010
    Best Short (Nomination)

    Newport Beach Film Festival 2010

    Lake Arrowhead Film Festival 2010
    Rotary Club's Best Student Film (Nomination)

    Flicks Film Fest 2010

    20ème festival international du cort-métrage étudiant 2010

    Cinestud International Student Film Festival 2010

    Weber State University Student Film Festival 2010

    Laguna Art Museum 2010

    Santa Fe Film Festival 2009
    Best Narrative Short (Nomination)
    Long Island International Film Expo 2010
    Best Short / Best Director (Short)

    Big Bear Horror Film Festival 2010
    Outstanding Performance / Outstanding Special Effects Makeup

    Chicago Horror Film Festival 2010
    Best Short Film

    Eugene International Film Festival 2010
    Best Horror Short

    Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2010
    Best Thriller

    Naperville Independent Film Festival 2010
    Best Actor

    Tupelo Film Festival 2011
    1st Place Student Film

    Kent Film Festival 2010
    Best Short Film

    Landlocked Film Festival 2010
    1st Place Student Film

    Indie Gathering Film Festival 2010
    1st Place Short

    Park City Film Music Festival 2010
    Gold Medal Jury Award

    Honolulu Film Festival 2010
    Silver Lei Award

    Action on Film Festival 2010
    First Runner Up - Student Film / Best Villian Short

    International Student Film Festival Hollywood 2010
    Best Horror / Thriller

    New York International Independent Film Festival 2010
    Best Thriller Short

    Leo Freedman Award 2009
    • Director/Writer: Malachi Rempen
    • Producers: Malachi Rempen, Boa Simon & Matthew Sullivan
    • Cinematographer: Boa Simon
    • Editor: Daniel McLellan
    • Production Designer: Daisy Robinson
    • Sound Designer: Robert Brinkerhoff
    • First A.D.: Andrea Mgebroff
    • Joaquín Garrido: Javier
    • Dani-Rose Gonzalez: La Niña
    • Misha Gonz-Cirkl: Maria
    • Baxter Smith: Costa