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  • A rookie cop works the night shift at a police station with a cannibal prisoner on the loose.

  • Ross and Matt Duffer, twin brothers, recently graduated from Chapman University with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in film production. Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, they set out to make their first epic feature length movie in the fourth grade. Although it is excruciating to watch today, that "movie" sparked a passion: Matt and Ross have been making films ever since. They completed several short films at Dodge College, including We All Fall Down, a seventeenth-century period piece which won Best Short at the 2005 Deep Ellum Film Festival in Dallas. They plan to pursue careers in filmmaking and, hopefully, tell unique stories that will connect with audiences
  • Panavision Grant 2007
  • Directors/Writers: Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer
    Producer: Sam Winkler
    Cinematographer: Kyle Klütz
    Editors: Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer
    Production Designer: Dorothy Street
    Sound Design: Josh Valentine
    First A.D.: Jenna Brown
    Composer: Akira Wing
  • Emanuel Borria: Bannerman
    Douglas Bennett: Gershwin
    Nick Gillie: Jimmy
    Lawrence Turner: Steinwitz
    Kim Kutner: Kate