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The Ferrucci Institute supports faculty creative and scholarly work through an internal fellowship program that provides funds and networking opportunities to Chapman University professors working on Italy-related projects across disciplinary units. It also supports students’ entrepreneurial projects, research, and creative work, from different areas of campus by facilitating mentorship, networking, and grants. The Ferrucci Institute promotes a broad participatory vision of interdisciplinary research and is open to a wide horizon of potential applications and partnerships with nonacademic stakeholders.

Students can apply for the position of Emerging Creative Scholar at our institute, enhancing their career with exclusive mentorship and collaborative learning experiences.

Below you can explore our active “Interdisciplinary Pathways,” faculty-led lines of investigation intersecting arts and sciences. For student-led research projects originating from Chapman University experiential coursework, explore “New Horizons” from the left-side menu.

For collaborative inquiries, contact fiier@chapman.edu.

Interdisciplinary Pathways