» Italian Language and Culture Immersion

During the summer, Chapman students from any discipline have the opportunity to live with a family in an Italian town while taking an intensive language course and engaging in educational excursions and workshops led by Chapman faculty. The location of the course alternates according to the given year – currently, Sicily and Puglia. By living three weeks in smaller towns and exploring cultural and geographic micro-regions of Italy – such as the Etnean Coast of Sicily or Salento, the southern tip of Puglia – students develop a deeper understanding and familiarity with uniquely defined areas and communities.

*Designed by Dr. Federico Pacchioni in collaboration with Babilonia in Taormina and Libera Università Mediterranea in Lecce.

Moments from Journey to Sicily: Immersion in Taormina

“Partaking in the Journey to Sicily program was the best decision I have made at Chapman thus far. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to embrace the incredible culture, food, and sights that Sicily has to offer.” — Paige Palleva

“The three weeks I spent in Taormina were absolutely life-changing. Not only has my knowledge of the Italian language and culture improved, but I have also learned much more about myself throughout my time there.” — Isabella Mercurio

“My time in Taormina was unique and unforgettable. I got to be part of the Sicilian culture and, most importantly, learn from it and create valuable relationships with locals and other international students. All of this was possible by communicating in Italian. My comprehension and speaking skills improved a lot in the process.”  — Amy Giraldo

“I enjoyed experiencing the Sicilian lifestyle firsthand. I formed strong bonds and friendships with my housemates and other students of Italian from various cultures.” — Paige Gulley

"My journey to Taormina was an unforgettable experience that has forever changed the way I connect to Italian culture and Italy itself. During my stay, I felt my confidence grow tremendously in my communication and language skills, and I forged connections and friendships with people and places I would never have thought were possible." — Avery Cardosi

"Going to Taormina was an amazing journey where I learned about Sicilian culture, language, food, and history. The excursions were unique and educational, from trekking a beautiful river to Ancient Roman mosaics to walking around a crater on the volcano Etna. It was a special opportunity to make new friends and fully delve into and become a part of Sicilian life." — Alessandra Sternberg

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Moments from Journey to Salento: Immersion in Lecce

“Participating in the Summer Travel Course to Lecce allowed me to put my Italian Studies education at Chapman into practice by fully immersing myself in the language and the culture for three weeks. I found a home in Salento and cannot wait to go back; the three weeks flew by in an instant, and yet every moment was full of learning and discovery. I returned from the journey much more confident in my abilities and with memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.” — Ayuj Consul

“Lecce was an incredible experience; not only did I gain the confidence to use my Italian and improve my language skills, but I got to make lifelong friendships, see incredible sites, and experience the culture of southern Italy. Living in a host family was my highlight – even though I have no Italian genetics, after Lecce, I can definitively say I have an Italian family.” — Isabella Ocaña

“I absolutely loved my time in Lecce this summer; being Italian, the class allowed me to further connect with my roots. It also provided me with the unique opportunity to improve my Italian and gave me a better understanding of the authentic Italian lifestyle.” — Arianna Modesti

“It was a truly eye-opening experience that helped me develop a deep appreciation for Italian culture and the history behind it.” — Dominic Cote

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