» Food Design

Chapman University’s Food Science Program has partnered with the Ferrucci Institute to develop new educational opportunities for students interested in exploring the nexus between culture, science, and industry in the domain of Italian food. The partnership comprises a series of travel courses and internship opportunities at Chapman’s Food Innovation Laboratory.

Students enrolled in travel courses can experience the Italian farm-to-fork system and visit some producers of the country’s most important and renowned products. Students have the opportunity of observing the processes involved in creating iconic Italian foods and learn about the impact of global pressures on different food sectors. Furthermore, students can apply for a Musco Award to defray study abroad expenses while receiving mentorship for developing unique food studies projects. Read more about these travel courses.

Within the context of the internship opportunities at Chapman’s Food Innovation Laboratory, students with a background in marketing, cultural studies, design, and communication gain real-world experience by engaging in consumer research, branding, storytelling, and design for Italian products being developed through the laboratory. Chapman University’s Food Innovation has been designed for teaching purposes, research and development, and to assist food companies with small-scale trials to evaluate their formulations for shelf-life, flavor and color changes, stability, and product styling. Read more about the Food Innovation lab.

Lead: Dr. Anuradha Prakash