» Friday, April 28-Sunday, April 30, 2023

Motherhood to motherhoods: Ideologies of ‘The Feminine’

Motherhood is seen as one of the most 'natural' and universal experiences for women; however, "motherhood" is a social and cultural construct that can be contested and negotiated. The notion of "motherhood" has evolved beyond a women's biological function to a way of being in the world, one that all genders can experience. Not all mothering is done by women, nor are all women mothers. To explore these concepts, we will hold a free three-day conference, Motherhood to motherhoods: Ideologies of 'The Feminine', at Chapman University in April 2023. Taking a multidisciplinary and global perspective, the conference aims to deconstruct the patriarchal mother as a biological and essential category and understand how motherhood is constructed and shaped through media representations in art, literature, film, and social institutions. The conference will consist of academic lectures, discussions, and student poster presentations as well as workshops aimed at a general audience to create a community-based discussion about the role of women's labor and health, gender identity issues, and the ideological construction of motherhood

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