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Wilkinson College's Centers, Galleries, Institutes, and Laboratories reflect the university's commitment to shaping ethical, globally aware citizens, who can provide unique perspectives on a variety of subjects and explore the boundaries of the creative consciousness. Take a look at the amazing things we have to offer.

Albert Schweitzer Institute

The Albert Schweitzer Institute is dedicated to preserving, critically interpreting, and disseminating the teachings of Albert Schweitzer within the study of ethics and ethical values. The Institute sponsors a university course on the life and thought of Albert Schweitzer, maintains an Albert Schweitzer Exhibit on the campus and offers awards and student scholarships.

The Center for Creative and Cultural Industries

In June of 2019 the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries was officially launched. As a Center, the CCI program offers resources, opportunities and exposure, which will enable the program (and students) to continue to grow and increase in the areas of research, internships, course offerings, visiting researchers and individualized education.

The Earl Babbie Research Center

The Earl Babbie Research Center’s mission is to provide research support and instruction to students, faculty and the broader community, and to produce research that addresses global concerns including human rights, social justice, and more. The Center includes four major research divisions: the Study of Population Health, the Study of Violence and Radicalization, the Study of American Fears, and the Study of Social Justice.

Ferrucci Institute for Italian Experience and Research

Ferrucci Institute for Italian Experience and Research strives to inspire and advance a wide disciplinary spectrum of teaching and research initiatives exploring Italy’s more universal educational and intellectual potentials, both in its peninsular and diasporic contexts. To accomplish this goal, the Ferrucci Institute provides mentorship and funds for scholarly and creative activities that unveil the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary relevance of Italy’s story and fabric.

The Guggenheim Gallery

The Guggenheim Gallery provides provocative exhibitions and educational programming that provide a local connection to the national and international dialogue about contemporary art and provide a framework for an interchange between artists, scholars, students and the community at large.

The Ideation Lab

The Ideation lab supports undergraduate and faculty research by providing help with creative visualization and presentation. This help can include creative writing, video, photography, data visualization, and design. Creative Research fellows staff the lab and can help with the presentation of complex communication problems.

John Fowles Center for Creative Writing

The John Fowles Center for Creative Writing serves to promote and advance the discipline of creative writing in all its aspects: fiction, poetry, drama, creative non-fiction and film. The Center offers students an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the "written word" and those who write it.

The Ludie & David C. Henley Social Sciences Research Laboratory

The Henley lab supports undergraduate and faculty research through a variety of programs. Research assistants staff the lab five days a week and can help faculty with the collection and analysis of date. They are also available to support students by providing tutoring in SPSS, GIS and quantitative methods for courses that include this content.

The Phyllis and Ross Escalette Permanent Art Collection

The Escalette Collection exists to inspire critical thinking, foster interdisciplinary discovery, and strengthen bonds with the community. Beyond its role in curating art in public spaces, the Escalette is a learning laboratory that offers diverse opportunities for student and engagement and research, and involvement with the wider community.

The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education

The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education at Chapman is one of only a few centers in the United States located in and supported by a private university. The Center is a multi-faceted program, sponsoring lectures and events, bringing distinguished scholars, innovative film makers, and inspiring survivors and rescuers of the Holocaust.

Tabula Poetica

The Center for Poetry at Chapman University is dedicated to creating an environment to celebrate poetry in a variety of forms and venues. Tabula Poetica fosters a culture of poetry appreciation by engaging and supporting the veteran writer, the novice poet, the student, and the general reader in an effort to share poems and conversation about this art form.