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    CCI panel discussion with Christopher Bollas and Ken McMullen.
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    CCI travel course on cemetery tour.
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The Center for Creative and Cultural Industries

» The Center for the Creative and Cultural Industries

The 21st century has witnessed a profound shift in the way we view the world and ourselves in it. A key part of this shift is the rise of ‘The Creatives’ – individuals, institutions, cities, and regions that examine contemporary issues and ideas through creativity and innovation. This has led to the formation of the rapidly growing field of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI).

CCI has its roots in the arts and humanities and explores industries such as fashion, film and television, music, museums, performing arts, publishing, and tourism. With the rise of the digital economy, CCI has grown to encompass video games, influencer culture and digital storytelling. Beyond specific industries, CCI investigates the principle of creativity, including how creative thinking is used to solve problems, communicate complex ideas, and explore new ways of working.

The study of CCI at Chapman is globally connected and locally engaged. We explore how the Creative and Cultural Industries respond to major issues such as social justice movements and the climate crisis, while considering how creativity can help improve our cities and benefit our emotional wellbeing. We partner with cultural and educational institutions in Southern California to pursue hands-on research and teaching.

Dr. Patrick Fuery
Dr. Fuery was awarded a grant by The Culture and Animals Foundation for the topic of rewilding & the environment. Funds will allow students to visit a wolf sanctuary in the Angeles National Forest.
Dr. Jamie Larkin
Dr. Larkin organized an Intl Conf. “Museums & Markets: perspectives on income generation in a post pandemic world” featuring speakers from around the globe, discussing socio-economic circumstances.
Dr. Kelli Fuery
On the 110th celebration of International Women’s Day Dr. Fuery hosted a talk inspired by the subject matter in her latest book, Ambiguous Cinema: Simone de Beauvoir and Feminist Film Phenomenology.
Rachel Kinnard
Kinnard teaches Fashion: Culture & Industry & is the Project Mgr. of The Fashion & Race Database a digital humanities project founded by Kimberly Jenkins that expands the narrative of fashion history.

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Creative and Cultural Industries Full Time and Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Patrick Fuery
Professor, Director of the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries

fueryDr. Patrick Fuery is a graduate of Murdoch University, Australia, with a BA (Hons), MPhil and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He has held posts at the University of London (Royal Holloway College), Sussex University, and the University of Newcastle (Australia). He is the author of eight books and has been translated into Chinese, Italian, French, and Korean. His most recent book is Madness and Cinema. His research interests include psychoanalysis, semiotics, literary and cultural theory, gender studies, film and visual studies, medicine and the arts. He is currently completing two books: a study on cultural disturbance and the sublime; and an edited collection on medicine, culture, and the arts.

Office Location: 428 N. Glassell, Office 101
Office Hours: By Appointment
Email: fuery@chapman.edu

Dr. Jamie Larkin
Assistant Professor, Creative and Cultural Industries

larkinDr. Jamie Larkin’s research focuses on the intersection of culture and commerce, particularly in relation to the development and management of museums; he has published on such issues from both historic and contemporary perspectives. More broadly, Dr. Larkin is interested in the ways in which the public engage with the past. Prior to coming to Chapman, Dr. Larkin worked on the Arts and Humanities Research Council project 'Mapping Museums: The History and Geography of the UK Museum Sector, 1960-2020' at Birkbeck, University of London. This interdisciplinary research generated the most extensive data ever amassed on UK museums and will result in a sophisticated digital database that will enable innovative analysis and visualization of museum trends. More information can be found here: http://blogs.bbk.ac.uk/mapping-museums/ . Dr. Larkin has taught at University College London, and been a Visiting Researcher at the University of South Florida, USA, and Visiting Professor at the Università degli studi di Bergamo, Italy. He is currently Deputy Editor of the journal Public Archaeology.

Office Location: 428 N. Glassell, Office 102
Office Hours: By Appointment
Email: jlarkin@chapman.edu

Dr. Kelli Fuery 
Associate Professor of Film Studies, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

kfueryDr. Kelli Fuery did her B.A. (Hons) at Macquarie University in Critical and Cultural Studies, graduating in 1995 with a First. Her first graduate teaching appointment was at Royal Holloway, University of London in the Media Arts department teaching Film Theory and Analysis, Film History, and Television Studies where she enjoyed teaching with a focus that balanced practice and theory. Since then Kelli has held posts contemporary film, media and cultural studies at Monash University, the University of Newcastle, Australia, and in the (now) School of Film, Media and Cultural Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London. She completed her PhD (2005) at Murdoch University in Critical Theory, Film and Visual Culture.

Office Location: Becket Building 211
Office Hours: By Appointment
Email: Kfuery@chapman.edu

Center for CCI Location

The Center for Creative and Cultural Industries is located at 428 N. Glassell, currently admission into the center is by appointment only. Please email us with questions, or to request an appointment.

CCI House

Dr. Patrick Fuery, Director of the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries

Dr. Jamie Larkin, Assistant Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries

Ms. Shannon Halverson, Program Manager, Center for Creative and Cultural Industries