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The 21st century has witnessed a profound shift in the way we view the world and ourselves in it. A key part of this shift is the rise of ‘The Creatives’ – individuals, institutions, cities, and regions that engage in issues and ideas from a distinctive and unique perspective. This has led to the formation of an exciting and rapidly growing field called the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI). Interdisciplinary, globally connected and locally engaged, and dynamic, CCI are involved with the major issues facing the world from the unique perspective of creativity as a problem-solver.

Initially CCI were recognized as the wide range of humanities and arts based activities – including digital media, film, television, tourism and travel, publishing, comics, fashion, advertising, theater. The view is even broader now, and includes the ways that creativity is used to solve problems, engage individuals and groups, communicate complex ideas, and explore new ways of thinking.

Chapman University’s study of CCI is one of the first of its kind in the USA, partnering with universities and institutions nationally and internationally who already have departments in this field, our students will be uniquely positioned to benefit from the local CCI to their global counterparts.

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  • Dr. Patrick Fuery
    Professor, Dean of Wilkinson College; Department of English

    Patrick Fuery is a graduate of Murdoch University, Australia, with a BA (Hons), MPhil and Phd in Comparative Literature. He has held posts at the University of London (Royal Holloway College), Sussex University, and the University of Newcastle (Australia). He is the author of eight books and has been translated into Chinese, Italian, French, and Korean. His most recent book is Madness and Cinema. His research interests include psychoanalysis, semiotics, literary and cultural theory, gender studies, film and visual studies, medicine and the arts. He is currently completing two books: a study on cultural disturbance and the sublime; and an edited collection on medicine, culture, and the arts.  

    Dr. Jamie Larkin
    Assistant Professor Creative and Cultural Industries

    Dr. Larkin’s research focusses on the intersection of culture and commerce, particularly in relation to the development and management of museums; he has published on such issues from both historic and contemporary perspectives. More broadly, Dr. Larkin is interested in the ways in which the public engage with the past. Prior to coming to Chapman,  Dr. Larkin worked on the Arts and Humanities Research Council project 'Mapping Museums: The History and Geography of the UK Museum Sector, 1960-2020' at Birkbeck, University of London. This interdisciplinary research generated the most extensive data ever amassed on UK museums and will result in a sophisticated digital database that will enable innovative analysis and visualization of museum trends. More information can be found here: http://blogs.bbk.ac.uk/mapping-museums/. Dr. Larkin has taught at University College London, and been a Visiting Researcher at the University of South Florida, USA, and Visiting Professor at the Università degli studi di Bergamo, Italy. He is currently Deputy Editor of the journal Public Archaeology.

    Dr. Kelli Fuery
    Assistant Professor Dollege College of Film and Media Arts

    Kelli Fuery did her B.A. (Hons) at Macquarie University in Critical and Cultural Studies, graduating in 1995 with a First. Her first graduate teaching appointment was at Royal Holloway, University of London in the Media Arts department teaching Film Theory and Analysis, Film History, and Television Studies where she enjoyed teaching with a focus that balanced practice and theory. Since then Kelli has held posts contemporary film, media and cultural studies at Monash University, the University of Newcastle, Australia, and in the (now) School of Film, Media and Cultural Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London. She completed her PhD (2005) at Murdoch University in Critical Theory, Film and Visual Culture. 

    Dr. Stephanie Takaragawa

    Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Wilkinson College; Department of Sociology

    Stephanie Takaragawa is an Associate Professor of Sociology. Her research interests focus on issues of representation in film, mass media, art, performance, and cultural display. She is a founding member of the curatorial collective Ethnographic Terminalia (http://ethnographicterminalia.org/). Her dissertation Visualizing Japanese-America: the Japanese American National Museum and the Construction of Identity examined the role of the Japanese American National Museum in the construction and dissemination of a Japanese-American identity. She is currently president of the Society for Visual Anthropology (2015-2017)(http://societyforvisualanthropology.org/) a subsection of the American Anthropological Association. 

    Dr. Julye Bidmead
    Associate Professor of Religious Studies in Wilkinson College

    Dr. Julye Bidmead is the Director of the Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs and an Associate Professor of Religious Studies in Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science. She received a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Method and Theory of Religion. Prior to joining Chapman University in 2007, she held faculty positions at Miami University (OH), James Madison University, and California State University, Fresno. Dr. Bidmead teaches classes in Religious Studies, First Year Foundation (FFC), and the University Honors Program. She has won several teaching awards including the Valerie Scudder Award and Pedagogical Innovative Award. Dr. Bidmead's publications include The Akitu Festival: Religious Continuity and Royal Legitimation in Mesopotamia (Gorgias Press, 2004), Invest Your Humanity (Pickwick, 2016), and numerous articles on Near Eastern religion, ritual studies, and gender. Her most recent research project, Recovering Women's Rituals in the Ancient Near East (Equinox Press), explores women's religious roles and rites of passage in ancient Israel, Mesopotamia, and Canaan. Dr. Bidmead is currently the Education Director and field archaeologist on the Jezreel Expedition, where she spends her summers excavating the world of the ancient Israelites.

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Catalyst: A Creative & Cultural Industries Podcast

Catalyst Hear how CCI is influencing the public and private sector alike, and how local influences shape a region's creative landscape. Hosts, Taryn Stroop and Shannon Halverson-Gorajia explore CCI in the 21st century highlighting the people, policies and practices that are shaping today's creative economy.
Southern California Sunset

CCI in the Southern California Region

A statistical snapshot

California economic contribution: $2 trillion, of that 7.8% Creative industries = $273.5 billion; Los Angeles economic contribution: $766 billion, of that 10.4% Creative Industries = $140 billion.

California number of CCI jobs: 1.4 million; Los Angeles number of jobs: 726,300; Orange County number of jobs: 90,000; Outside of the “Creative Sector”- 2012- Approx. 56% of creative occupations are in industries outside of the creative sector.