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Center for Creative and Cultural Industries

» Center for Creative and Cultural Industries

In June of 2019 the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries was officially launched. As a Center, the CCI program will have more resources, opportunities and exposure, which will enable us to continue to grow the curriculum, and increase opportunities for students the areas of research, internships, course offerings, visiting researchers and individualized education.

The Center is housed at 428 N. Glassell Street, in one of Chapman University’s historically refurbished properties. The space is designed to house CCI’s Director and key faculty, such as Dr. Fuery and Dr. Larkin, but also to be a place where CCI students can congregate in the inviting front room with its large bay window, and access to CCI source materials and program information and planning tools.

The Center for CCI is also the home of CCI’s incubator program. First envisioned as a launching ground for CCI students to build ongoing CCI projects in California and Europe, the incubator also gives CCI students the opportunity to work with high end equipment in the areas of graphics, audio recording and editing, marketing design and VR.

Upcoming projects for the Center will include CCI student run social media programing, as well as the CCI Mentor Program, which will involve Alumni and event parents of current and former students, will offer invaluable insight, and knowledge for our CCI students through this program.

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