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The Asian American Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the historical and contemporary experiences of peoples of Asian descent in the US. This minor draws from history, film, literature, anthropology, sociology, and other disciplines, and complements other majors at the university through its emphases on critical thinking, global approaches, and social justice. Students will gain a critical perspective on the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class, as well as insights into the meanings and practices of citizenship, diaspora, and community in an increasingly globalized society.

Asian Americans are currently the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, representing 15% of California’s population. Minoring in Asian American Studies at Chapman University is a particularly unique opportunity due to our location in the heart of Orange County, where Asian American and Pacific Islander communities are contributing to vibrant transformations here and beyond. 

Jerry "Yi Hang" Zou ’24
BFA Theatre Performance Major with a minor in Asian American Studies Minor
To me a minor in AAS it is very important to study who I am & what I stand for as a Chinese person living & surviving in America, in a very critical and academic fashion. This minor has been very valuable to me because I have finally been able to learn about the Asian American Identity in a way that high school U.S. history never could.
Bradley Carol '26
Psychology major
Asian American Studies really interested me as I have always been into social justice. Being able to understand the social institutions and ideologies that fuel anti-Asian hate has allowed me to navigate and think critically about the world around me and the media that I consume. Asian American Studies is a really fun, everyone should check it out.

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