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The Cross-Cultural Center offers a variety of learning opportunities to support Chapman students' understanding of their own and others' identities and experiences, empathy for others, and capacity for allyship.  Cross-Cultural Center programs, resources, and services are designed to cultivate students’:
  • knowledge of one’s own identity, culture and biases,
  • empathy for individuals different from themselves,
  • connection to the Chapman community,
  • understanding of the positive influence of a diverse campus on student learning and growth, and 
  • capacity for allyship.

All Gender Restroom Day is an educational event that aims to challenge the campus community to think beyond the binary, gendered structure of most restrooms.  All Gender Restroom Day transforms multiple, gendered restrooms on campus into ones which any person, regardless of gender identity and/or expression, will be able to use for that day.  

Breaking Ground workshops provide students with opportunities to learn more about the relevance and value of using inclusive language, experiences of LGBTQIA communities, supporting undocumented students, and developing skills for bystander intervention as an ally.  All workshops emphasize furthering a sense of allyship among the student community.

Cultural Graduation Ceremonies are annual celebrations that take place in addition to the official university commencement ceremonies that all students participate in. These are optional celebrations that honor the dedication and resilience of students from underrepresented communities. Cultural Graduation Ceremonies are intended for any graduate who identifies with a specific community and provide an affirmational space for graduating students to celebrate with their classmates, families, and allies; reflect upon the strengths developed and obstacles overcome; and recognize the community of support that developed during their time at Chapman University. There are no restrictions on student participation nor is it required for any student to participate. Cultural Graduation Ceremonies traditionally celebrated at Chapman include APIDA Graduation, Black Graduation, Disability Graduation, Latinx Graduation, Lavender Graduation, and Middle Eastern Graduation.

Heritage Month Programming ensures the continued affirmation and celebration of the varying communities of identity that are represented at Chapman.  Each month involves a celebratory kick-off, awareness campaign, and cultural exhibit coordinated by the Cross-Cultural Center as well as additional events co-sponsored with and/or coordinated by other campus departments and student organizations.  Heritage months traditionally celebrated at Chapman include, but are not limited to, Latinx Heritage Month, Pride Month, Disability Awareness Month, Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month, Black History Month, Womxn’s Herstory Month, and Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American Heritage Month.  The Cross-Cultural Center facilitates communication across campus to ensure a collective and collaborative investment in the affirming and educational value of these programs.

The I AM CHAPMAN Pre-Orientation Experience is a two-day pre-orientation experience for incoming first-year students to share their identities and experiences with others while understanding the importance of being aware of stereotypes and biases.

Speedfaithing is an opportunity to share beliefs with people from different traditions. The idea is not to convert each other, but to share the basic foundations of one’s worldview in an effort to better understand each other.

The WE ARE CHAPMAN Retreat is a one-day retreat that provides students with the opportunity to engage with various activities, discussions, and keynote speakers focused on the themes of identity, empathy, and community.  Students are encouraged to connect with others who identify differently from themselves in an effort to enhance interest in and knowledge of diverse cultures and experiences.

The We CU Mentorship Program, facilitated in partnership with the Office of Residence Life and First Year Experience and the Promising Futures Program, is designed to empower students to explore various facets of their identities and life experiences through personalized mentoring relationships with peers, staff or faculty.  Mentoring relationships are grounded in four pillars of identity, intellectual, social, and spiritual development.