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  • In the spring of 2015, believing that the strategic use of space could contribute to a more inclusive campus climate at Chapman, the Dean of Students Office proposed creating a cross-cultural center in Argyros Forum. The proposal advocated for a space for student organizations to hold meetings and activities, as well for students to gather informally to relax and connect. With the support of President Jim Doti and Chancellor Daniele Struppa, a new home was found for Career and Professional Development and work began on redesigning space on the third floor of Argyros Forum. Construction began in November 2016 and Chapman's new Cross-Cultural Center opened on Monday, February 27, 2017.

  • One of the central features of the Cross-Cultural Center is its four meeting rooms each of which is equipped with a flat screen television and Apple TV system. Each room has been assigned a theme that highlights an under-represented identity within the Chapman student body. The room themes are recommended by the student members of the Cross-Cultural Center Advisory Board. In addition, each room has been assigned a name representing an attribute associated with that identity. These themes are expected to remain in place for the Center's first two years; after that, 1–2 new themes will be rotated in each year. The inaugural room names and themes are:

    PerseveranceAsian, Pacific-Islander, and Desi-American
    The purpose of the Asian, Pacific-Islander, and Desi-American themed room is to showcase the various cultural enclaves that these communities have built and sustained for themselves in the United States. The "Perseverance" room features a comfortable seating area with conference-style work station equipped with Apple TV, PC and wireless keyboard.

    staff meeting in perseverance room

    RespectLGBTQIA theme room
    The "Respect" room showcases the intersectionality within the LGBTQIA+ community. It features a conference style meeting area equipped with Apple TV, PC and a wireless keyboard.

    student in respect room

    ResilienceLatinX theme room
    The "Resilience" room celebrates the LatinX community and features a comfortable seating area as well as a conference-style work table equipped with Apple TV, PC and a wireless keyboard.

    hands typing on wireless keyboard

    HopeAfrican American theme room
    The "Hope" room features art by African-American artists. It includes a conference-style meeting area equipped with Apple TV, PC and a wireless keyboard.

    student writing on board

    Want to book a meeting space in the Cross-Cultural Center? Visit 25Live.

  • The We CU Mentorship program facilitated by the Cross-Cultural Center empowers students to explore various facets of their identities and life experiences through intimate 1-1 relationships with peers, staff or faculty. Mentor relationships are grounded in four pillars of development: Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, and/or Identity. Mentors serve as positive role models and share perspectives grounded in their shared experiences.

    • Spiritual: guidance on development related to identities of spirituality, religion and faith. Through this model, students can navigate their way through purpose, belief and meaning or question their prior knowledge and perspectives.
    • Intellectual: guidance on the academic experience relating to intellectual goals, academic involvements, class standing, graduation, etc. Students can learn to value and support current ways of thinking, acknowledge success and pursue unfamiliar or challenging perspectives.
    • Social: guidance on leadership and co-curricular involvements and how such experiences can enforce greater leadership capacities, internal voice and sense of self.
    • Identity: guidance on development related to students’ social identities (ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation and others) and how these identities affect other aspects of student life. 

    Request a Mentor

    The We CU Mentorship community fosters the exploration of cross-cultural dialogue, diversity and identity and community building among students. Mentees can join the program for various outcomes including:

    • Sense of belonging and community
    • Connections with the Cross-Cultural Center and understanding of University resources
    • Personal growth through 1-1 interactions, trainings and socials

     For any questions or concerns, please email Negeen Lotfi at lotfi@chapman.edu.

    Programs Offered

    • Workshops
    • Social Hours
    • Resources
    • 1-1 Relationships

    Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

    The We CU Mentorship Program offers students, staff and faculty the opportunity to cultivate a positive learning experience for undergraduate students. Through 1-1 relationships, mentors instill a sense of belonging and community within mentees students. Further mentor outcomes include:

    • Leadership and community building skills
    • Empathy for other students
    • Understanding of and appreciation for diverse cultures, identities and experiences

    Applications for Spring 2018 mentors are now closed. Please check back for Fall 2018 applications later this year.

  • While the Cross-Cultural Center is supervised by Student Engagement staff, a Cross-Cultural Center Advisory Board of students, faculty and staff provides guidance on Center policies, procedures and resources.
  • The Cross-Cultural Center staff facilitates programs, services and resources geared to helping students explore their own identities and understand others. A variety of programs are offered throughout the year in the Cross-Cultural Center and around campus.

    Additionally, the Cross-Cultural Center will offer magazines, DVDs, brochures and other resources which are available to all students. The central lounge area is available for informal use by students whenever the Center is open. A counter along the windows on the back wall is designed for students to study, check email or surf the internet. Finally, the Center also has a small kitchen with a sink and refrigerator.

    Programs and Events

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  • CCC Library 

    Come to the CCC's Library! 
    -Rent books about social justice and intersecting identities. 
    -Discover authors with different backgrounds. 
    -Learn about the history of the world from different perspectives. 
    Prayer Rooms: 

    There will be a prayer room reserved in the CCC on both Saturdays and Sundays during the school year for anyone who wants a space to do so. Every weekend from 10 am - 10 pm in AF304!



    Community Kitchenette:

    Students are welcome to use the resources in the Cross-Cultural Center kitchenette area. These include the refrigerator, microwave, counter and table space, and Keurig coffee machine. The kitchenette is only available during the Cross-Cultural Center’s operating hours. For questions or comments, please email crossculturalcenter@chapman.edu.

Connect With Us!

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Program Coordinator of the Cross-Cultural Center
Argyros Forum 304
(714) 628-2744
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Negeen Lotfi
Program Coordinator, Student Engagement
Argyros Forum 304
(714) 628-7242

Contact Us

Argyros Forum 304
Phone: (714) 997-6735
Email: crossculturalcenter@chapman.edu

Spring Hours
Monday - Friday: 8-12 a.m.
Saturday - Sunday: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Community Forums
March 15: 3-4 p.m.
April 5: 3-4 p.m.

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