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Graphic Design Program

Integrating Art, Science, and Culture

» Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The BFA in Graphic Design combine exploratory, practical, and research-based processes to prepare students for the future of design in professional practice and research. The undergraduate program helps students demonstrates knowledge in UI/UX, human-centered design, graphic design, AI design research, and sensorial aesthetic explorations including preparing students with a professional portfolio and/or for graduate studies. These include conceptual and theory-based approaches in design history, writing, verbal articulation, and visual literacy to prepare students for both professional practice and graduate design studies. 

The Graphic Design Program provides training on the most updated industry-standard software with access to maker-space labs and materials and encourages and reinforces hands-on experience. Students have opportunities to work in design related campus jobs and are required to complete a 120-hour design internship prior to graduation and have the option to pair their degree with minors in Advertising/public relations, Marketing, Computer Science, Creative and Cultural Industries, Sociology, Business, Psychology among other programs. Students graduate with experiential skills from internships, design-specific travel course opportunities, and a concentration of design research and professional portfolio development preparing students for the future in design.


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