Chapman students with awards pose with President Emeritus Jim Doti.
University Honors Program

» Honors Achievements 2017-2018

+ - National Collegiate Honors Council Presentations

 National Collegiate Honors Council 2017

Atlanta, GA
November 2017

NCHC 2017 Poster winners

1st Place Social Justice - Rebecca Maehara, English BA

3rd  Place Arts & Humanities – Ben Bond, Religious Studies and Aidan Jones, Sociology

NCHC 2017 Poster Presentations

Sofya Bochkareva

“Protecting Our Cyber Borders”

Benjamin Bond & Aidan Jones

"Stereotypical Symphonies: An Analyzation of Stereotypes in Disney Soundtracks"

Talia Cain

"Derailing the School-to-Prison Pipeline”

Nolan Kresnak

" I Think, Therefore I (Instagr)Am"

Rebecca Maehara

"Creating Better Accessibility in Southern California Art Museums: The Visual Arts as a Way of Enabling Justice"

Carol Sun

"Anime and War" 

Sikh Lens Documentary Scholarship

Taylor Killefer, TV Writing & Production BFA

Kylie Miller, News & Documentary BFA and Political Science BA

Noah “Hulu” Nunokawa, Film Production BFA

+ - Western Regional Honors Council Presentations

Chapman University
Orange, CA
April 2018

Alexander Ballard
‘“Development” and “Developing Nations”’
Brittney Bringuez
“Preferential Aberrant Parenting Practices in 21st Century America: An Intersection of Race, Wealth, and Privilege"
Talia Cain
“Derailing the School-to-Prison Pipeline”
Mackenzie Gray
“Uncertainty is Certain”
Sam Kagan
“White Supremacy Still Thrives: On the Ubiquity of Modern American Racism”
Taylor Killefer
“The Death of Television”
Morgan Kindel
“The Relationship Between Episodic Memory, Restrained Eating, and Homeostatic Appetite Regulation”
Rebecca Maehara
“A Public Health, Environmental, and Socioeconomic Analysis of
Building Housing Near Freeways in Los Angeles”
Priya Mistry
“Modulation of Ocular Epithelial Cell Mucins Expression by Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines”

+ - Chapman University Awards

Tellis Aucoin

Peace Studies Department Award

Benjamin Bond

Religious Studies Department Award

Departmental Honors

Paige Gulley

Cheverton Award

History Departmental Honors

Haley Hopkins

Purcell Award

Fine Arts Honors Award

Lucie Jerome

Psychology Departmental Award

Nilsha Khurana

Outstanding Senior Award

Biology Departmental Honors

Ian Nel

Psychology Departmental Honors

Psychology Special Award for Outstanding Research

Taryn Park

Crean Departmental Honors

Anne Roffler

Biochemistry Department Award

Victoria Turner

Psychology Department Award

Samantha Waugh

National Honor Society in Dance Arts

Dance Departmental Honors for artistic

merit, leadership and academic achievement

Bradley West

Henley Award

Manon Wogahn

Art History Departmental Honors


+ - University Honors Awards

Award for Academic Excellence

Christine Anderson
Suraj Daryanani
Maggie Dorfman
Anastasia Finney
Paige Gulley
Paul Harnack
Lucie Jerome
Drew Nelson
Sammi Waugh

University Honors Program Students of the Year

Christine Anderson
Carol Sun

+ - University Honors Conference

Chapman University
May 5, 2018


Bryce Anderson

 “Going Green: High Performance Building for the Future”


Christine Anderson

“Math Phobia: Mathematics Anxiety and the Failures of Pedagogy”


Trever Atchison

“A Slow Death: How Humanity Botched the Climate Change Debate”


Tellis Aucoin

“Police Brutality & the News in the United States of Amnesia”


Sofya Bochkareva

“Reason and Research”


Ben Bond

“Voodoo Fires in the Music of New Orleans”


Ryuji Chua

“Food, Self & Society: How Peace Starts on Your Plate”


Suraj Daryanani

“Wealth and Privilege: The One Percent and Everyone Else”


Anthony Davia

“An Exploration of Technology’s Influence on Education”


Liliana Dawidoff

“I Hate My Group: Deliberately Teaching Teamwork”


Maggie Dorfman

“Amplifying Change:

Implementing Drops Philosophies into Chance Theater”


Anastasia Finney

“Sex Education in the United States:

Repressing Rights, Suppressing Sexuality, Highlighting Hypocrisy”


Zev Gollis

“Undocumented Immigration in the United States:

 The Growing Divide and Morality of the Issue”


Paige Gulley

“Oriented to a Particular World:

The Role of Language in Colonial French Algeria”


Paul Harnack

“Ethical Implications of Big Data and the Data Collection to Do It”


Haley Hopkins

“Women as Mutable: Feminizing the Tabula Rasa”


Sophie Jackson

“Dance Like No One’s Watching: The Portrayal of Dance in Mass Media,

 and its Adverse Effects of the Dance Community”


Lucie Jerome

“Dance is Healing: Psychological. Anthropological,

 and Medical Perspectives on the Healing Benefits of Dance


Sarah Kenner

“The Stories We Tell: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Fairy Tales”


Nilsha Khurana

“Music Therapy for Mental Disorders: The Rhythm of Healing”


Allison Knaggs

“Taxation Without Equal Representation:

A Look at the Interplay Between the Government, Taxes, and Nonprofits


Nolan Kresnak

“Diegesis: Constructing Truth in Digital Media”


Mio Lim

“Creator of Happiness”


Matt Mako

“Morality and Justice in War: Is There Such a Thing?”


Nikki Molkara

“In the Age of Streaming, Will Movie Theaters Stand the Test of Time?


Roxanneh Mousavi

“The Portrayal of Terrorism in Western Media”


Ian Nel

“‘Kill Yourself Faggot’: An Interdisciplinary Analysis

 of Suicidality Among Young Sexual Minority Men”


Drew Nelson

“She Said What? AAVE, Queer Speech, and the Linguistic Performance of the Other”


Priya Parikh

“Future Storytellers: The Intersection of AI and Cinema”


Taryn Park

“The American Obesity Epidemic”


Blair Pennington

“Holistic Eating: A Guide to Restructuring US Agribusiness”


Elliot Powell

“The Inherent Manipulativeness of Cinema:

Responsibility and the Hermeneutical Nature of Truth in Arthouse Film”


Evan Ridpath

“Storytelling in Themed Entertainment”


Anne Roffler

“Me Talk Science Pretty One Day:

Public Distrust and Communication as Cure”


Carol Sun

“Globalization and Cultural Difference: Hybrid Identities”


Sarah Tabsh

“In Between: The Effects of Being a Third Culture Kid”


Sharon Tang

“What It Means to Be – How Parents’ Traumatic Experiences

are Genetically Passed on to their Children”


Victoria Turner

“Black Women Make the Best Lemonade: A Brief Guide for

Non-Black Women on How and Why They Need to Learn the Recipe”


Reyanna Villarreal

“It’s the White Man’s School, We’re Just Learning It”


Sammi Waugh

Motion as Intrinsic and Empathic:

Evidence the Being-in-the-World is Moving-in-the-World”


Bradley West

“The Politics of Nu Metal”


Manon Wogahn

“The Pope as King:

Examining the Papal Tiara in the Context of the Modern Church”

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