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The graphic design alumni have gone on to do great things all over the United States and countries around the world. From running their own businesses to working in-house at ad agencies and design firms, they cover the spectrum of design jobs. We do the best we can to keep up with them. Click on the links below to see where our former students have gone based on their program of study. Please check back often for updates.

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2018 – Present

Shayne C. Bock: Themed Design MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design

Audrey H. Chang: Junior Designer, Sonnyside Up

Keanu L. Davis: Graphic Design Intern, LA Clippers

Joseph E. Dolack: Graphic Designer, VML in Seattle, Washington;

Grifan O. Fair: Portfolio Manager/Sales Manager, Toyota; Apparel Designer at CMNTY

Elizabeth A. French: Self Employed, Elizabeth French Photography and Design

Sadie F. Goff: Freelance Graphic Designer

Gretchen S. Grage: Presentation Design Specialist, PMK•BNC

Sarah E. Herzog: Designer, Frequence

Erin M. Hiromoto: Junior Art Director, Wunderman Los Angeles

Page W. Kastner: Designer, Gravillis, Inc.

Nicolas A. Oeffling: Graphic Designer, Procore Technologies

Karissa A. Ogawa: Design and Marketing Intern, siëo

Jordan K. Patao: Graphic Designer, Electric Feel Management

Molly K. Peach: Client Success Representative, StyleBlueprint; Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer

Stefanie A. Shoemaker: Freelance Designer

Jamey L. Siebenburg: Graphic Designer, Buff Blake

Bobbi J. Stalnaker: Freelance Designer

Eric A. Stigna: Graphic and Web Designer, Trusted Web Solutions

Samantha C. Swenor: Graphic Design Intern, Walt Disney Company

Dillan J. Watts: Graphic Designer, New Zealand Wine Growers

Kirsten M. Worrells: Graphic Design Intern, TMZ

Severina M. Worthington: Graphic Designer, gorjana and CPC swimwear

2014 - 2017

Melanie Wells, 2016: Designer at One Hope

Codyanne Cornwell, 2016: Junior Designer IdeaHall

Sarah Pratt, 2016: FT Designer at Amenity Systems

Paige Kastner, 2016: Designer at Gravillis Inc.

Marie Fitch, 2016: Designer at Bring the Noise

Elizabeth Plumb, 2016: Designer Papyrus

Jake Kincaid, 2015: Designer at Landor

Greg Colosimo, 2015: Lead of Creative for Hawke Media, a fast growing digital ad agency in Santa Monica.

Andrew Le, 2015: Graphic Designer at MachinaTek

Summer Woodward, 2015: Designer at Munchkin, Inc

Michele Jonas, Assistant Designer at Paper Crowns

Kelly Smith, 2015: Designer at Element Skateboards in Costa Mesa 

Maneesh Sindu, 2015: Designer at Deloitte

Sasha Netchaev, 2015: Junior Graphic Designer at

Erik Holtan, 2015: designer at Designer/Web Developer mdg (marketing design group)

Kiera Hoefle, 2015: Designer at Marine Lane, NYC

Tony Murphy, 2015: Designer at Junior Art Director Square 1 Partners

Annie Unruh, 2015: Graphic Designer at T-Mobile

Brenna Butler, 2015: Emai marketing manager at Hanz de Fuko, LLC

Amanda DeFrancis, 2014: Account Coordinator at Houzz

Katheryn Ferons, 2014: Branding and Packaging at Disney Consumer Products

Candace Larson, 2014: Designer at SwimSpot

Deena Edwards, 2014: Digital Designer at WeWork

Diana Goldberg, 2016: Graphic Designer at Enlisted Design in Oakland, CA

Katie Kland, 2014: Graphic Designer at Album Agency

Melissa Wilcox, 2014: Lead interactive designer at Zodiac Inflight Innovations

Rachel Becker, 2014: Graphic Designer/UX Designer

Wesley Eramo, 2014: Graphic Designer at Nativo Inc.

Zac Oransky, 2014Graphic Designer at Boon Design

Zach Guenther, 2014: Graphic Artist, King Tide Creative

Amanda Norris, BFA in Graphic Design 2014, Graphic Designer at A7D Creative Group

Annie Unruh, 2014: Marketing Assistant at Elite Global Solutions

Elizabeth Bacon, 2014: Orange County Museum of Art

Artem Barinov, 2014: Saxxon Studios, LLC.

Rachel Becker, 2014: What Youth Magazine

Kendyll Bieze, 2014: Bowers Museum

Amanda DeFrancis, 2014: Orange Coast Magazine

Ashley Delaney, 2014: Special occasion DJ & Lighting

Kathryn Ferons, 2014: DreamWorks Animation

Wesley Eramo, 2014: Fearless Records

Diana Goldberg, 2014: Jovenville

Michele Jonas, 2014: Billabong

Katrina Kland, 2014: O’Neill

Candace Larson, 2014: XERQ

Grace Lavery, 2014: Ocean Magazine

Amanda Norris, 2014: Newport Beach Film Festival

Zachary Oransky, 2014: Kairos Society

Nicole Pawloski, 2014: Billabong

Taylor Peck, 2014: Anton Warkentin Designs

Stephanie Pieper, 2014: Camp Design Group

Faye Pinner, 2014: Enzoani

Spencer Thordarson, 2014: BH Bikes

Melissa Wilcox, 2014: Zodiac Inflight Innovations

Grace Wilson, 2014: O’Neill

Victoria Wong, 2014: BuzzMob

Casey Wyman, 2014: Girard Studio




2010 - 2013

Maria Reisinger, 2013: Marketing Coordinator at BNBuilders

Josh Sorosky, 2013: In Home Designer

Ashley Hawthorne, 2013: Web Designer at Urban Decay Cosmetics

Alana Michaels, 2013: Head of Training at Webydo.

Susanna Davidov, 2013: Founder, Alora Diamond Co., Beverly Hills, CA

Haley O'Brien, 2013: Technical Artist at Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

William A. Schoenfeld, 2013: Commercial Creative

Kara Scofield, 2013: Graphic Design Assistant at Shaun Barker MGMT, CA

Roger Dumas, 2013: Graphic Designer at OSHIN Studio

Mike Gembarski, 2013: Graphic Designer at Ainsworth Design Group

Logan Merriam, 2013: Product Designer at Noom Inc.

Katrina Alonso, 2013: Graphic Designer at the Engine is Red

Diana Odero, 2013: Associate Editor at UP! Magazine

Ryan Mick, 2013: Creative Director at Humin, Inc. in Orange County, CA

Ariel Roth, 2013: Graphic Designer at Fandango

Jenny Leicester Davis: Graphic Designer & Illustrator, JLeicester Design

Jin Furuya: Marketing Manager at Jetstar Airways, LLC which operates in the APAC region (Japan & Korea)

Logan Merriam: Visual Designer at Kinsa, NY

Ali LaBelle: Creative Director at

Breanna Rawding, 2012: Marketing Coordinator, Hope International University

Sabrina Davis, 2012: Fullbright Scholar Recipient & now Research Assistant at Knowledge Bank

Mischa Pouyavand, 2012: Senior Graphic Designer at OSN

Maria Reisinger, 2012: Marketing Coordinatory at BNBuilders

Amber Hedrick: Junior Graphic Designer at Apex Energetics

Katrina Chen, 2012: Senior Marketing & Communication Manager, House of AN

Rachel Morello, Graphic Design 2012, Art Director at Neighbor Agency in Los Angeles

Emilie Christ, 2012: Jr. Graphic Designer at Clever Creative in Venice CA.

Noah Fell, 2012: Corporate Marketing Manager & Creative at YuMe

Lisa Horn, 2012: Creative Designer at scripsense.

Kristen Lee, 2012: Graphic Artist at Admit One Products, Inc

Kelsi Mathey, 2012: Graphic Designer at Brands Ignited in San Diego CA.

Rebecca Shead, 2012: Designer/Production Manager at 160over90

Keri Kubota, 2012: Graphic Designer and Photographer 

Elliot Spaulding, 2012: Display Coordinator at Anthropologie.

Hannah Cates, 2012: Marketing Coordinator at Vistage, Graphic Designer at Hannah Cates Design

Devin Valdivia, 2012: Freelance Illustrator at PIMCO

Ivana Wong, 2012: Senior UX/UI Designer at Staance, Inc

Bobby Evers, 2012: Junior Art Director

Ashley Oster, 2012: Visual Designer at Pacific Sunwear

Anton Warketin, 2012: Co Founder and Designer at

Emily Astbury, 2011: Graphic Designer/Production Artist at Williams-Sonoma, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area.

Danielle Atnip, 2011: Designer at Kneadle.

Kate Eglen, 2011: Art Director at Omelet

Jessica Becker, 2011: Graphic design and custom printing assistant at Jonathan Wright and Co.

Simon Blockley, 2011: Designed the Dynasty Edition packaging for the video game NBA2k13 for US and international distribution, designed a typeface for Otis College of Art and Design

NBA2k13 Dynasty Edition packaging designed by Simon Blockley

Amber Hedrick, 2011: Graphic designer at Apex Energetics

Kristin Hinkley, 2011: Graphic Designer and Online Marketing Coordinator at Album.

Ian Hutchison, 2011: Founder/Art Director at Adidas in Germany.

Jhoanne Mecjia, 2011: Creative Director at Ashton Park Agency in Orange County, CA.

Kyle Pidot, 2011: Graphic designer at prAna Living.

Dana Quadri, 2011: Art Director at NeoCell

Nicole Santo, 2011: Visual Display/Graphic Designer at Wellen, LLC

Jessica Becker, 2011: Graphic Design at Mad Dogg Athletics

Apparel Ad by Laura Becker  Decorative ad by Laura Becker

Kim Dworak, 2011: Graphic Designer

Alison Conners, 2010: Women's Textile Designer at Billabong

Marc Lu, 2010: Creative Brand Manager at Fanatic, Inc.

Lindsey Messenger, 2010: Graphic Designer, Corporate Communications, PVH, NYC

David Augustyn, 2010: Product Manager - Apparel & Accessories at Electric

Laura Brewer, 2010: Her latest work is featured on

Lauryn Bryant, 2010:  Marketing Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer at Sunrise Company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kelsey Chapman, 2010: Graphic Designer at Audigy Group Portland.

Allison Conners, 2010: Graphic Designer at La Jolla Group, LLCo'neill bag designed by Allison Conners

Kyle Floyd, 2010: Kyle landed a job at LF Sportswear, a girls' apparel company.

Amanda Giaramita, 2010: Graphic Designer at Cali and York.

Sarah Hahn, 2010: Production Artist at McGarrah Jesse

Melissa Hoffman, 2010: Graphic Designer at the Learn To Be Foundation.

Kimmy Kirkwood, 2010: Kimmy was an intern at Tao Creative and at VOX + Associates. She is now the Marketing Director / Graphic Designer at Ricci Realty & North Hills Realty as well as the Graphic Designer at VOX + Associates.

Lindsey Messenger, 2010: Graphic Designer at PVH Corp., NY

Jen B. Peters, 2010: Jen works for Mattson Creative in Irvine.

Madeline Pisaneschi, 2010: Part of the on air graphics team at the public television station KCTS 9 in Seattle, WA.

Ramona Rose, 2010: Graphic Designer at Modnique.

Brooke Brisbois, BA Art History / BFA Graphic Design, 2010, is currently a Senior UX Designer at ExtraHop.

2005 - 2009

Mike Gembarski, 2009: Graphic Designer at Ainsworth design group.

Rosario Rodriguez, 2009:Senior Production Artist, Smashbox Studios.

Andrew Bain, 2009: Principle Designer at Andrew Bain Design.

Sarah Buczek, 2009: Senior Graphic Designer at 2b bebe.

Jenny Leicester Davis, 2009: Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

Shelby Hayden Craig, 2009: Creative at MediaCom Beyond Advertising at MediaCom Sydney Area, Australia.

Sarah Donahue, 2009: Graphic Designer at Halftone bodyworks.

Amanda Eisenberg, 2009: Designer for PhotoGraphic Creations, Assistant Web Designer for Odds On Records & Studios in Henderson, NV.

Ryan Huddleston, 2009. Graphic Designer at AFS Visual Communications.

Rosario Rodriquez, 2009: Graphic Designer at Castle Pacific Industries, Inc.

Kristen Adams, 2008: Graphic Designer and Model for Ellison.

Dwight Blair, 2008: Owner and Designer at Marvesa Creative Studio.

Darren McArdel, 2008:Jr. Art Director at Questus

Sarah Donahue, 2008: Sarah landed a job at a wholesale body jewelry company in downtown Los Angeles. One part of Sarah’s job is creating designs for plugs for gauged ears. Many of her designs will end up in Hot Topic, one of her company’s biggest buyers.

Jessica Jarvis, 2008: Designer at VDIO.

Gennifer Lewis, 2008: Web Marketing Specialist at Vans

Lilit Aleksanyan, 2007: Design Admin at Starbucks

Melissa Koltz, 2007: Owner of Loschy Designs

Brooke Moffett, 2007: Strategic Marketing Manager at Capital One.

Brooke Dombroski, 2007: Creative Director at Crush Sunglasses, a Retail Marketing Specialist and Event Planner at Hurley, as well as freelance photographer.

Peter Fiek, 2007: Designer at Broadcom Inc.

Jin Furuya, 2007: Marketing Manager at Jetstart Airways.

Lauren Godlove, 2007: Freelance Graphic Designer in the Greater LA Area.

Valerie Ito, 2007: Graphic Artist at Quicksilver.

Melissa Loschy, 2007: Owns Loschy Designs and is a freelancer.

Brooke Moore, 2007: Marcom Coordinator at Dell in Austin, TX.

Jeff Werner, 2007: Freelance Interactive Designer at Doner Advertising.

Dwight Blair, 2006: Product Manger at Roland DGA

Erica (Fong) Cline, 2006: Works for San Francisco International Airport as the Airport Graphics Supervisor.

Leah Demeter, 2006: Designer at IBM Austin

Autumn Schabert, 2006: Worked as an Account Manager at Agency Services at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online.

Melissa Simonian, 2006: Senior Designer and acting Art Director at Filter Magazine in Los Angeles, CA.

Stephanie Witherspoon, 2006: Owner & Lead Designer at Alterna.tif.

Sara Burke, 2005: Senior designer at Perfectholiday design, won a category in The 2012 Communication Arts Design Annual (a prominent international design competition). The Andrew Southam Portrait book, which will appear in Design Annual 53, the September/October 2012 issue of Communication Arts.

Lauren Butori, 2005: Senior Graphic Designer at Keeco, LLC.

Maren (Kelly) Chen, 2005: Freelance Graphic and Apparel Designer for Arrowmac

Maria Garcia, 2005: Freelance Designer/Animator who currently works for Lifetime Networks and The CW.

Paul Sweeney, 2005: Front-end Web Developer at Atomic Online.

2000 - 2004

Wendy Lee Oldfield, 2004: Designer at BDS Marketing, Inc.

Michael Hedman, 2004: Graphic Designer at Chapman Walters Intercoastal Corp.

Scott Sagud, 2004: Senior designer at Fox Head, Inc.

Wendy Oldfield, 2004: Art Director/Designer at Brainyard, coauthor and designer of two books on creativity, a recent How Conference speaker a, and Owner and Principal at Vekay Design.

Matt Parker, 2004: Creative Director at Album Creative Studios since 2002.

Darla Vietti, 2004: Owner & Designer at Darla Marie Designs.

Matthew Newman, 2004: Adjunct Professor at Golden West College

Joshua Gardner, 2003: Designer for Modal Digital Agency in Irvine, California.

Molly Hervey, GD Minor 2003: Senior Graphic Designer at DevicePharm.

Elizabeth (Lewis) Hodson, 2003: Art Director at Hungry Girl, Inc.

Margaret Minnis, 2003: Worked at Portland Development Commission in Oregon creating brochures, newsletters, booklets, event invitations and signage. Afterwards she created logos and designed web pages, direct mailings and advertising programs for Western Golf Properties in Lake Forest, California. Most recently Margaret worked for Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

Matther Newman, 2003: Chief Creative Officer / Partner at Mad Menace Entertainment, LLC. Owner at Sunscience Studios.

Erin Fry Patterson, 2003: Working at Quicksilver Hang Ten in Hunington Beach, California. Erin recently started her own greek life apparel line: The Greek Supply.

Joshua Gardner, 2003: Digital Art Director at Wunderman in Los Angeles.

Alex Rinker, 2003: Senior Designer at Ted Perez + Associates.

Ian Swanson, 2003: Graphic Designer for Independent Trading Co.

Selita (Limtiaco) Tolentino, 2003: Graphic Designer at Lakeshore Learning Materials.

Natalie Casey, 2002: Graphic Designer and Brand Management at Princess Cruises since 2009. Graphic Designer for Orange County Performing Arts Center (2005-2009).

Erin Morinaka, 2002: Graphic Designer at California Scents. Senior Graphic Designer at Kiku Jewelry (2009-2012). Art Director at Motta Advertising (2007-2009).

Lindsey Nielsen, 2002: Graphic Designer at Fluidmaster, Inc.

Lucas Cobb, 2002: - Quality Control (Art Director) Officer for Blackbaud, Inc. along with being the design principle for Guide Creative.

Natalie Casey, 2001: Graphic Designer for Chapman University, Pacific Coast Companies, NeoDesign and Orange County Performing Arts Center.

Michael Hain, 2001: Art Director at HEILBrice

Adrienne Ricker, 2001: Works at Modal Digital Agency as Associate Creative Director and has been working in the interactive design industry for over 10 years.

1990 - 2000

Stefan Mumaw, 1996: is the Creative Director and Purveyor of All That Rocks for Reign, a Kansas City-based ad agency that has worked with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Silpada, Coca-Cola and Sony. Before writing Chasing the Monster Idea, he co-authored Caffeine for the Creative Team and Caffeine for the Creative Mind with Wendy Lee Oldfield, and also penned Redesigning Websites and Simple Websites. Stefan has spoken at numerous creative industry gatherings over the years, written a smattering of articles for HOW Magazine, Step-by-Step Magazine and Dynamic Graphics, contributes to a number of creativity-focused blogs and been known to embarrass himself and those around him if given the opportunity.

Parath Chadha, 1999: Principal at Design Coalescence where they build online and offline brand marketing for a variety of different verticals.