» Shannon Crogan

Director of Transfer Admission


Shannon's bio

Shannon graduated from Chapman University in 1997 with a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work. Prior to attending Chapman, Shannon transferred after two years at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa where she worked on her general education classes. Arriving in ’95, she attended her last two years of college at Chapman University. An undergraduate work study job in the Admissions Office led her to interview for a full-time position after graduation so in ’97 Shannon joined the Office of Admission where she worked for 7 years with high school students from Orange County, San Diego, Nevada and Colorado.  An opportunity to work for the University of California, Irvine led Shannon to leave Chapman to working with the graduate student population there. In the fall of 2008, she returned to the Chapman Office of Admission, where she primarily works with incoming transfer students from both two-year and four-year colleges.

Advice from Shannon

Since I work so closely with the incoming transfer students my advice to that population is to take your college courses seriously, right from the beginning. There is sometimes that impression that people have that general education courses don’t matter and aren’t as important as your major-related courses, and that is simply not true. The basic general education courses are often the core and the foundation of your college education, so start taking courses seriously early and start exploring different academic area early as well so that when you do end up transferring you are in a major that you have put a lot of thought and effort into, even before arriving to your four year campus.

Favorite spot on campus

I think my favorite spot on campus is probably the residence hall area. I just have so many fun memories of meeting my roommates over there, studying in study groups and getting ready for campus events in that area.  Students don’t initially realize how much time is spent in that area when you are living on campus and I just have really fond memories of my time learning how to live on my own, away from home, getting to know and live with all different types of people from various different backgrounds.

Best admission memory

My best admission memory dates back to a long time ago when our office used to handle a lot of advisement and registration for the incoming students. During the summer months our staff along with some of the other campus offices would work all summer long on these long days of advising and registering new students for their classes and also at the same time handling the questions and the concerns the parents had as well. Registration is one of the most “nerve-racking” experiences I think a first time college student goes through the initial time they first register for courses so I remember everyone on campus, especially in our office, just jumping in together and working as a team in trying to ease the students and the parents through that process. We worked a lot on those days but I loved how we pulled together as a team and despite the long hours, we always managed to have lots of fun and have good stories for each of us to share at the end of the day.

Best Chapman memory

There are so many great memories and stories I have of my short time at Chapman. I remember when I graduated I told my parents I wish I could stay a student for just one more year! I think some of my best memories came from the friendships and leadership opportunities I had through Chapman’s Greek community. Joining one of the sororities on campus isn’t necessary for every student but for me it gave me a group of great friends that I created a lot of good memories with and in some cases lifelong friendships. I also loved the work we did in the community with our volunteer work and then getting to work alongside other fraternities and sororities on events as well.

Fast facts

3 words to describe myself: Hardworking, funny, sometimes quirky!

Favorite subject: The Sociology major comes out in me. I’m a big fan of talking about people and how they work with one another, relate to one another and interact with one another.

Role model: Both my parents!

Favorite musical performer/band/composer: Anything classic rock, especially from the 70’s!

Most prized possession: Old family photos found after my grandparents passed away.

Book you would read again: Lovely Bones and To Kill a Mockingbird, it has to be a tie!

Favorite summer activity: “Vegging out by the pool.”

Best movie of all time: Has to be Footloose!

Favorite quote: "You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need." - Rolling Stones.

Dream job: Cast member on Saturday Night Live.